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  1. For those suggesting assignable parking spots on the deck of the SC, I see nothing but problems. In larger organized groups, that severely limits how many jets you can place on the carrier. Similar to a small airfield where there might only be 4 parking spots, you cannot place additional aircraft on top of those parking spots, just the 4 specific aircraft the mission maker designated. We fly in a wing of 40+ pilots. That requires some coordination on spawning to make sure we have some sort of order on the SC but we can continually spawn each individual pilots jet without hitting a hard limit based on assigned parking spots.
  2. Since release of SC, we haven’t gotten much in the way of features. Curious if ED could divulge on what’s currently being worked on and timeframes we can expect to see things such as deck crew wands during case III operations, case I marshal instructions and other features?
  3. I am fully aware that NTTR is considered feature complete as it is, but the question exists, why don't you capitalize on the fact that you have a map that could easily incorporate huge U.S. Naval air Stations such as Fallon, Lemoore, China Lake, etc. With the huge U.S. Navy virtual squadron presence here in the game, I don't understand why this isn't even considered.
  4. +1. Night time lighting is gorgeous, just missing the wands
  5. Perfect, thanks. I'm assuming the allen screws need to be removed and the stick just separates. We shall see I guess. Do you offer the models for download? I ordered thru your store before I dont have a printer but others in my group do have their own and would be interested in printing it themselves. Thank you sir! Great work.
  6. Hi, I just ordered the Thrustmaster joystick tailpiece 15° offset and was curious if instructions are included for disassembly of the hornet stick. Additionally, is this the correct option if I’m looking for the same angle as the original stick?
  7. It’s stopped working everywhere, even windows controller test menu. I’m gonna be super disappointed if this is isn’t something I can fix. Also I’m on OB
  8. So my wh throttle is approx 2 years old. I upgraded the joystick to a delta sim version abs have used it without issue for 1.5 years. Yesterday out of no where the x/y axis stopped responding. I’ve tried everything, unplugging, reinstalling firmware, calibrating and moving USB ports. Nothing fixes it and the odd thing is the button click still registers. I also swapped the old joystick back in and it remained dead. Anyone know if you can buy the control board separate?
  9. Hey guys, I’ve had my DS slew installed for approx 2 years. Today it disappeared from my hotas and stopped appearing under USB controller control panel. I tried unplugging and restarting to no avail. Any recommendations
  10. Thanks for the update Kate. Rather a smooth release than a bugged one. Please revisit the Hornets TGP undesignate and reset position behavior. There’s no way that undesignating a target should basically snowplo the cursor back to center. Especially when things such as the MAV Fs won’t lock a target until the TGP is undesignated. Thank you ma’am.
  11. Please please please ED, get your head movement game on par w Heatblur this year! It’s a small yet huge quality of life update for a game that’s already sometimes indistinguishable between real or not, but the pilot head movement makes it impossible to record any video without it looking awful. Love, Dino
  12. Having played a bunch of Escape from Tarkov I have grown to appreciate their quick menu for hand signals and think DCS could benefit as well. As we’ve grown to know, majority of communication between wingman is done via nonverbal Comms, IE Hand signals. You don’t necessarily need the F1 pilot model to show it but perhaps from the third person, the pilot chooses the side of canopy to display signal, cues quick menu, selects a command and model performs it. Just a thought.
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