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  1. Are the rest Forrestal sisters progressing well ? would appreciate reports.
  2. toni


    Hey ED, I know its pretty early but can you tell us if you are thinking on implementing ASW to DCS World ? Once the Viper and Apache got complete, other platforms would be very welcome, P-3 Orion, S-3A Viking, SH-2 Seasprite, SH-3 seaking, SH-70 seahawk......... what you think about ?
  3. Yeah, needs an Overhaul and expansion to the west by the way
  4. Correct ! or simply a departure exercise/drill
  5. Yeah thanks for all, will that be an Iwo Jima class LPH ?
  6. Would be cool later at some point. I would love the Wildcat,SDB Daunless + a Yorktown class CV.
  7. toni


    Hi good day, can you confirm DCS World is working normally ? Tried to fly a mission Single and get this looks Blocked !!!!
  8. Heheheheh, they just need a little pushing from us, the clients
  9. Tried this mod, its stunning ! very good job. The USS Enterprise CVN 65 or Kitty Hawk CV 63 with that detail would be just AWESOME !!!
  10. GREAT Ships Admiral ! Thanks so much for your dedication Best Rgds.
  11. 1- color below the waterline a bit darker, the keel of all ships is too visible I think. 2- Asset pack from the 70s,80s from USN and Soviet Navy . 3- Asset packs from other navies in a medium future. 4- Replenishment underway capability at least for carriers with apropiate AORs.
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