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  1. I'm planning to get an EGPU for my thunderbolt 3 equipped Lenovo Yoga 730-13 i7-8550U, 16gb DDR4. I'll test DCS with it, and post an update.
  2. Ok so which value do I change (say for the bypass mode), in order to lower the quantity of expended chaff/flares per press? I've attempted to change both the burst qty and salvo qty, though they still expend 30 of each. Seems a bit wasteful to dump 30 of each, is that how they do in real life?
  3. Ok, hmm, so is the only way to scale it down, by editing the CMDS_ALE47.lua file?
  4. I didn't customize the files, no, everything vanilla settings. Before the latest update, I would switch the knob to "Bypass" mode, and it would release two chaff/flares. Now in the same setting, it releases 30
  5. So now after the update, the release chaff/flare command releases 30 of them instead of 2 as before (bypass mode). Is there a way to scale it back?
  6. Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I've checked out your Roadmap thread (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=116893) and I can assume then that the updated Su-34 and the others will come out with/sometime shortly after the release of Modern Air Combat
  7. Is there any new info regarding the updated Su-34 3d model and AI? Any sort of idea of when to expect it?
  8. Great job either way. I unsuccessfully tried to create my own personal R-77M mod, since the basic version in the game seems to have unreasonably high drag characteristics. And perhaps for the future, it would make more sense to have an R-77-1, R-77M, and the ramjet R-77ME (the so-called "izdeliye 180-BD"), which seems to be the further development of the RVV-AE-PD.
  9. Wow! Excellent! Thanks so much for your effort! Edit: Maybe it's something I did, but for me the R-77M flies farther and faster than the long-range RVV-BD (R-37M). Also, regarding the nomenclature, AFAIK, the RVV-AE is the vanilla R-77. R-77PD is the actual name of the ramjet version with the grid fins. This is a good resource for missiles and other system types: http://militaryrussia.ru/blog/
  10. (PROTX) it says that i need a merchant bank number in an english bank, and have money flow in as well as out?? wtf?
  11. I live in Toronto, Canada. Trying to get Flaming Cliffs. PROTX is a pain in the ass, is there a more user-friendly way to do this? Pay-pal? Directly? Store nearby? Ebay? any useful suggestions? I don't wanna have to download it off e-mule. So how can i buy it easily? Not very happy here.
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