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  1. I had to put it on the shelf after no longer having time to maintain it. I recommend SimpleRadio as an alternative for now.
  2. You should aim well before the 1000ft marker, because if you aim directly at you will miss it after you flare.
  3. I have a brief announcement to make. As I’ve told many of you via email, my attempts at working this into an academic project unfortunately fell through. I was counting on it being a possibility that would have resulted in an update around this time of the year, but mods for games serve little to no research purpose in my current field of study, nor is it something that we could develop and support features within such a short span of time. I'm sure quite a few of you were expecting this, but the decision had to be made: I have to put the project on hiatus for the next few months (at a minimum) in order to focus full effort toward work on my PhD. I am not retiring TARS, but at this juncture I have no choice but to put it on hold indefinitely. With regard to the donations, they weren’t exactly Star Citizen level, but what money was donated was used to fund resources related to digital signal processing and useful algorithms (mainly books), as well as upgrades to development tools. The updates past mid-2011 were greatly helped by this. However, I would be happy to refund those of you who donated in 2014 because there was no release during the year, and because I did not have any time to support TARS. Since a new release probably won't be in the cards until next year, it would be unfair to keep your money--this isn't Kickstarter or Patreon, after all. Of course, if upon resumption of the project TARS eventually ever becomes payware, you won’t ever need to pay if you did donate (SDK licensing and things of that nature excepted, obviously). It was an enormous amount of fun to work on this project, and I am extremely proud of the fact that I was able to deliver the first mod of its kind to the DCS community and that it was used (and enjoyed) by so many. It hurts to put it into “stasis” far more than many of the more lucrative, paid projects I’ve finished over the years.
  4. So the current state of TARS compatibility is godawful at this point, and for that, I am quite sorry. A bunch of changes have been made, including the MiG-21's upcoming release, which means more work for me. I want to incorporate everything into the next release, but the plan to get more people working on TARS has sadly fallen through for the time being. One thing I'd be interested in is getting a dedicated group of people to test TARS builds before they are more widely released. There's been a few people who have contacted me over the years to get involved in that.
  5. Tow things: Going to get an API update going in the coming weeks, since you guys have waited enough. Second thing is more exciting--I may be able to get a team together and put a few TARS features on the burner as an academic project, so I may be able to get a couple of talented young programmers on board temporarily to contribute.
  6. There isn't a misunderstanding. I have intentionally taken the time to offer free support and advice through this (very old) thread in these forums. If people are going to hijack the thread in order to advertise another mod (and get into pointless 'realism' debates) then I will be supporting it through a different medium.
  7. If this thread is going to become a debate on which mod to use, I'm going to quit supporting the product from the ED forums. This is an entirely free product. Any time that I put towards this is time that I don't spend doing payable work. If people like Balu and The_Fragger are going to show up to what is effectively the TARS support thread in order to get people to stop using the mod, then I'm happy to take TARS support entirely off-forum and just have you guys email me. I'm not going to have this thread be one that generates more work for the moderators, either. It's bad enough that I receive emails with accusations of ripping Aries off, when TARS was something that appeared over two years before Aries did.
  8. Yes, I'm still working on the input thing. As for the FC3 overlay, it doesn't really make sense to do that until the release version of Edge is out, because I don't want to have to mess with multiple versions of DirectX. I doubt you will see a new TARS release by the end of June, unfortunately, but I'm working on it.
  9. There are FLIR systems that can see through clouds. They're used for instrument work and flying at night. They are showing up now in the GA marketplace: It's a long-wave IR camera.
  10. I'll be working on getting TS compatibility issues and other factors resolved during the month of May and early June. I am also working on a possible solution to new feature development that might happen during the Fall, with developers to assist me. Either way there will be a little extra time.
  11. Sylvan: What you are seeing is the normal function of the R-800L1 radio as documented in the Black Shark manual:
  12. I do more real life flying these days than I spend playing games, but that's more a function of free time than anything, and the need to stay current is a safety issue.
  13. How exactly does that work? What country is he flying that drone in, and is it done in contact with ATC on a flight plan?
  14. Don't worry Dart, I haven't forgotten about you.
  15. No, because there is code in there from other commercial projects that I am either currently working on or have developed in the past. TARS isn't going away, there just isn't currently any time for me to work on it.
  16. Update: Development is on hold until after April 2014. I wish things were different, but unfortunately there is simply no way that I can afford to devote time to this project during the current quarter. I will continue to monitor this thread and assist users with the current version of TARS until my schedule opens up.
  17. What does that mean? What is actually contained in the TS3 plugin log?
  18. Follow the instructions for getting the TARS logs on the TARS website. Send me the logs.
  19. It will, there's just no guarantee that you'll always be able to get input if you deactivate/reactivate the plugin until changes are made. The same goes for changing TS3 settings while the plugin is turned on. Disconnecting and reconnecting to the server seems to resolve it for the time being, but that's not a permanent solution. Right now I'm having users run a test (see the TARS thread) to see how much functionality is lost, so that we know what' s going on. The latest release impacted any TS3 plugin that took advantage of DirectInput. If you're having stability issues with the software there are very clear instructions on how to submit a crash report, on the TARS website, so that it can be reproduced and investigated. I haven't received one of those in months. Nebulous reports of "instability" without any concrete description of what's going on are of absolutely no use. I would estimate that around 70% of the time people report it not working, it ends up being one or two people (in say, a group of 4-6 individuals) who have something misconfigured. This makes it seem like it's not working for anyone. That's why it's critically important that you keep logs if you think you've found a bug and you want us to look into it. Sometimes it turns out that there is a bug, and having the logs allows the bug to be reproduced.
  20. As most of you know progress is at a trickle due to my being overcommitted elsewhere. However, the DI problem needs solving because it's a huge annoyance for people who would like to enjoy TARS while continuing to keep their TS3 clients updated, so I'd like anyone to confirm the following for me on 1. Start TeamSpeak, connect to a server. 2. Enable TARS plugin if not already enabled. 3. Verify Input works. 4. Disable TARS plugin and re-enable. 5. Verify Input does not work. (Incidentally, disconnecting and then reconnecting from the server seems to resolve this) Let me know, also, what you're using for input (Keyboard, Joystick, etc). Thank you.
  21. In the USA we don't use QFE, nor do the "Q" designations ever show up in any capacity that I'm aware of. Maybe someone who is ATP rated would know more. It would be considered completely wrong and in fact you would bust any ride if you left with the altimeter showing 0 unless ground elevation at the runway were in fact 0 MSL.
  22. As soon as I know anything definite I will post it to this thread. As of now the priority will be to replace the DI code with something that will work with current TeamSpeak.
  23. The problem is that with a jet, it takes time for the engines to spool. This is especially true on older generation jets. You don't want to be a throttle jockey on landing. Get a good approach speed going (relative to how heavy the plane is, what the wind is doing, and so on) and landing will get much easier. DCS tends to model all of this fairly well in the game. You don't want to get into the habit of making huge power changes right before landing. Take the throttle out only after you know you're committed.
  24. You don't need to go to the ini file. In the control panel, that's what the "Network" button is for. Either way works though. The default port is going to change in future releases to avoid conflicting with the NVidia service.
  25. That's true, Grimes. The big controversy going on about that now is that the major community mods for ArmA are primarily composed of ones where at least several people contributed to it, so in some cases it would be extremely difficult to monetize those mods and then charge for them without unfairly appropriating people's work. This is especially true for mods like ACE, where early contributors have mostly left and the mod itself is built off of previous work. There's no way to fairly monetize something like that. Fortunately the modders who now manage that project have announced that they will not attempt to monetize it.
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