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  1. Any progress? Does the "power" in services.msc do the trick? I have this random fps loss too from 45 fps to under 20 with Quest 2. Running Dcs with Ryzen 3600, Rtx 3070 and 32gb ram. Dcs is on M.2 drive on Win11
  2. The insignia is still way too big after the latest patch with updates. Here are good pics from the movie.
  3. I'm new VR user so is this recommended to use? And does it work with the latest version?
  4. Did any updates made in to the latest patch?
  5. I think F-15E is far from near it's release. Q4 is far more realistic schedule.
  6. Maverick has black mask on the movie, not gray like in DCS. Some might find these details nitpicking but those small details just matter. Just as that F-14 insignia is really way too big. There are much better user made skins available. I really hope they make these screen accurate since these pointed out remarks are quite simple task to fix.
  7. Then what's the point on making one with so big errors? It could be easily fixed to at least make that insignia proper size. Helmets and flight suits are accurate.
  8. I think that VF-1 insignia on tail is way too big, compared to the one in the movie. Also the font on pilot names is wrong.
  9. Does the F-15E have FBW? I tried to look it up but I'm not sure.
  10. Any new from this? Does this work with the latest FLIR update?
  11. Can this thread be closed please since there is another topic made by the actual mod maker?
  12. Actually not so much. Finnish and Swiss F-18C uses these more modern greyscale displays. Finns also have the same touchscreen control panel between the mfd's like Super Hornet. It was part of upgrades.
  13. I'd be happy even if they add just few, like Victory, Gypsy & Wichita. Should not be too big of a deal for ED to do it.
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