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  1. I do, but VKB will always lag behind, for instance, Virpil releasing the collective while VKB working on their first throttle but that's not it, later Virpil might be releasing a new hardware and VKB would be working on a collective, so forth. I get it VBK wants to design and produce the best hardware, but VKB being the oldest company out there with tons of experience making hardware should not be taking 4+ years to make a collective throttle, it just doesn't look good. By the way, I own VKB joystick and I love it, I would buy another one if it breaks but if I need a collective today to fly the Apache or the Hind, I'm not waiting for VKB. I also have the first Virpil throttle with zero issues since, and I'm thinking of buying the CM3.
  2. Good Lord, others are making collectives and you're still on your throttle since 2017!! Come on man!!
  3. Which collective you ended up buying for the Apache?
  4. When is the pre-order happening and the Early Access release?
  5. I don't remember where but It was mentioned here in the ED forum that L-370E50 is for IR missiles, are you sure it's for radar guided missiles?
  6. FLIR and RWR is what I'm after. None of these in BS3
  7. I used it a lot during night missions. It helps tremendously if used properly...
  8. Thanks for the response. After many attempts, I now get it right every time. However, I'm doing it exactly like the manual, see attached.
  9. Check this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=274254
  10. I also brought this up on DCS Discord Server. Moreover, Shkval also has strong reflection of the flight stick and the cockpit seat.
  11. I have F18 and Super Carrier, I got bored flying the F18. Ka50 is more fun and challenging to fly... but I'm also getting bored now with the ka-50 I tried giving the AI order to launch illumination rockets but to my surprise there was no such order in the communication menu.
  12. I will give this one more shot. Last time I tried it, I didn’t notice a difference. Do I need to check rudder trimmer for it to work?
  13. Cool, copying the text here so it’s easier for others to find.
  14. I don't notice the short pause when releasing the trim button!!
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