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  1. Maybe look at sharing it. I mean there isn't a way really to hide it. I've been working on a handful of missions for over six months now. It is ALOT of work. But hey every time a new server, or a new mission pops up it helps the community. Maybe help raise others up as an option.
  2. I finally got everything running. I wanted to thank EVERYONE for their input and support. Very much appreciated after spending hundreds of dollars and being stuck. Thanks a bunch.
  3. The tab next to the slider is not showing buttons like when it is in that mode. It shows like a slider, which is what has me floored on that one. It was working just fine and now…. Not so much. It’s not useable at all because the antenna elevation is uncontrollable.
  4. Without frag? That’s… worthless if I’m not mistaken right?
  5. I also tried factory defaults and the bottom slider is stuck in three position mode but isn’t if you take my meaning. Along with the radar elevation. What do I do with that now? As it is I can’t work the radar at all and I don’t know what I could have done. In windows it shows the both of them acting incrementally as expected.
  6. Ok, I finally got it sorted. However, doing so now all my scalable items like my radar ant elev and my dial (the slider below slider) suddenly have three positions only, but they are not in the three position mode. I tried to calibrate them and they keep jumping to either end or the middle. Lovely video, thank you. So... The problem was which axis. I wasn't calibrating the correct axis. SMH. Now that I know how to figure out which axis is what I've got the new problem as I was going through them all to calibrate and now well... That video would have REALLY helped me the other day lol. Thank you!
  7. I just did this again and it still gives me the result from the screenshot.
  8. This unfortunately seems to be the physical travel is after you pitch up the throttle to get it back into cutoff and its hard to go to idle and not kill the engine. nullThis might help? When pulled back to the idle position you notice it still has throttle put in.
  9. Yup, just as instructed above as far as I can tell.
  10. I'm not sure why it is hard to understand, but I'll explain again maybe differently. The physical detent does not align with the in-plane throttle. While in idle, the engine is producing thrust, running up to about 75%. In SimAppPro while in idle there is a blue indication that the throttle is advanced a bit. I'm trying to get that to line up with the physical idle slot for the throttle. I have not seen anywhere to adjust that and physically adjusting it would require the part to move fore and aft and would then mess with the cut off and the AB detent.
  11. It's the 16 throttle. Yeah I do, But that sets the idle so low I have to pull the throttle back into the detent.
  12. How do I set it in DCS?
  13. Phantom, good instructions but it still isn't working quite right. Either idle is high or the afterburner detent kicks in out of whack. Dragon... I really don't see how to adjust it horizontally. Is it possible that one end of the rail needs to be higher than the other to adjust it? It does not look like it would adjust that much honestly but maybe...?
  14. Wow gotta look at these mounting options. As far as adjusting... I dont know how to adjust it forward and back for the idle, doesn't seem to move that way and if it does it will screw up the AB detent.
  15. Sorry, Orion with the F16 group.
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