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  1. Hey y'all, Big thanks to everyone jumping in to offer some wisdom. In the end the solution was indeed reflections of the VERY strong IR LEDs on the Delanclip. The reflections were happening both on the clip itself but also a large part due to the silver color of the headphone cans. I put masking tape on the side of headphones with the clip and colored the tape with an industrial strength black permanent marker. I also applied marker to the Delanclip itself which worked for the most part. I think I need to put some colored tape on it because the marker tip is too thick to get full detailed coverage. Again - thanks to the community and thanks to Delan for making an awesome device.
  2. I purchased a DelanClip after my TrackIR Pro Clip finally disintegrated. I'm very impressed with the build quality of it and it seems great on the outside however I'm getting a lot of accuracy problems. What I see on the camera are the IR points with a lot of clutter around them. I've confirmed the TrackClip Pro is not showing this. I've also reached out to DelanClip support but crickets for a week. Below you can see what the camera sees. This is a normal TrackClip Pro I'll reach out to DelanClip again but curious if the community has any input.
  3. I have had the jitter issue as well. I've also had issues where the throttle will not go to full in-game despite being pushed all the way up IRL. I also have an issue where the mini stick loses its in-game max constraints (push all the way in one direction and in game it is as if only pushed 1/2 way.) For each of the above, the thing I do to fix it is to put the devices in direct mode, calibrate the throttle, put back into mapped mode, and continue on. I have to do this fairly often but my problems are solved for a couple weeks.
  4. How do you switch between guns and rockets. Loving the FM!
  5. As an update: BIGNEWY, thank you again for the response it got me to try again. This time I started the fuel flow enough to get the rotors moving. Once the RPM needles were synced - I began slowly moving the fuel to full open. This worked without damaging the engine. This is a new behavior since the update but good to see real world mechanical sensitivity coming into play for this awesome module.
  6. Thank you BIGNEWY for the response. It's worth noting that before the most recent update, either worked fine (fast/slow increase). I haven't seen changelog notes to indicate this behavior has changed. The tutorial and documentation make no distinction of speed to increase fuel flow (or to keep RPMs at a particular range during spin up / sync of rotors). This can be verified also in any recent YouTube video which includes a cold start. I admit that I could be mistaken on that point. That all being said, I've done both fast and very gradual increases. The track file included in my OP shows a quite gradual and staggered increase of fuel. Let me know if you or anyone else sees it as too fast. It's also my understanding from the training that the process I'm following is correct. Also just to note, my collective is in the down/neutral position during this time as are all inputs.
  7. Seeing an issue or new behavior since updating for DCS and haven't seen anything in the change logs to indicate why this may be so if I've missed something, please let me know. During a cold start : - BAT, ALTER, GENE [ON] - POMPE [ON] (Wait 20sec) - Starter to M - Wait for engine to stabilize. - Release the rotor break. - Green lamp extinguished. - Fuel Flow Forward When the rotor gets up to speed it eventually breaks the engine before it stabilizes. I've tried a slow introduction of fuel and fast. I've even experienced this behavior in the Cold Start tutorial just to make sure there wasn't something I was missing. Sure enough, the engine breaks and shuts down each time. Hot start missions are fine. I've attached a track. Gazelle_ColdStart_Fail.trk
  8. adese

    M2000 vs Mig-21

    That is quite true. However going a bit further, the real question becomes, how do all these aircraft stack up to the acceleration and handling of the P-996 LAZER in GTA V? :pilotfly: :lol:
  9. adese

    M2000 vs Mig-21

    I think the comparison gets brought up because it's a single engine delta wing craft. A real fun comparison is the M2000/Rafale/Eurofighter/Grippen one.
  10. Here's a little starting place though I haven't read the thread in-depth. A2A in the KA50 would be cool for sure. I've had success with A2A Vikhr kills but obviously not as maneuverable as an IR missile.
  11. Great job! When the FA18 comes out you should mirror one of the hornet ball videos!
  12. I use the CH Products Pro Pedals and have been very happy. For a long time I was using two buttons on my HOTAS (CH Fighterstick and CH Pro Throttle) to control rudder input, even for the Ka50. Once I got the UH1 I knew I had to upgrade. It took a lot of getting used to and making sure I adjusted my curves for each airframe to my taste. Since then, I've greatly increased my comfort, enjoyment, and abilities with rotary aircraft. It really makes the experience that much more immersive and you feel friggin' badass when you're doing it all right. THAT SAID I do not feel pedals are a big must for fixed wing aircraft if money is an issue. You can get by with on/off, 0 or 100% rudder input via buttons (don't do what I did and use a mini stick with the Huey like I did on the Pro Throttle - doesn't really work as a replacement for buttons or pedals). In the A10 and other craft where I did need rudder input or NWS before the pedals, I did fine, even in windy conditions on approach or takeoff. If you have the cash, do it. It can make the experience more immersive but you won't use them much in a fixed wing aircraft except taxi, takeoff, landing, and CCIP/guns engagements. Pedals that flex in addition to forward/backward movement are important for toe braking and if you have a driving sim (Project Cars for a current example) you can have an accelerator and brake.
  13. Don't need a module for myself or anyone else in particular but wanted to just give a thumbs up on the kind gesture.
  14. DCS 2 should address the multi-core / gpu utilization aspect to a satisfactory extent.
  15. Another awesome interview from Foxtrot Alpha. Interview with Lt. Col. Fred "Spanky" Clifton. Some really cool notes about flying the MiG-29. One thing I found really interesting : Really makes you think about all those sneaky ET kills you've snagged on the 104th huh. Enjoy! (Click here for the article)
  16. Thank you! As someone who feels (perhaps a bit arrogantly) that they can land ANYTHING on a first attempt - the MiG-21 has been a continual challenge not to end up in a heap of flaming rubble. These brief little tips will go a long way!
  17. Loving the PFM here too. I haven't been keeping an eye on the PFM complaints but as with anything, detractors will always be louder than proponents. I imagine there are many people flying and enjoying themselves and are too busy doing so to jump on the forum.
  18. FlankerNation, you indeed have every right to play how you wish, and kudos to your skills. I remember flying via keyboard myself in other sims as well as being without a TrackIR for quite a while - always impressing the people I flew with that I could fly as well as I was using the numpad for looking around. I think simply put, as the game moves towards realism, the gap between realistic controls and unrealistic controls will increase. It's not in EDs interest or mission to support and develop an unrealistic input platform of gameplay and I think it is, frankly, unrealistic to expect them to divert their attention otherwise. Plainly put - there is no (financial) incentive for them to do so. You referenced "real life [...] pilots" in your post - this is the direction ED is going. Those resistant to change will be left behind inevitably. This is not to sway you one way or the other just to highlight where this platform is headed and its up to us all to decide how we invest in our engagement (time and money) with the game. Hopefully ED hears our collective input to help direct them however I think this particular point is pretty open and shut.
  19. I know IAF (India) put out the MiG-21 Bison which has a much more modern and capable radar. From: here "Equipped with the Phazotron Kopyo (Spear) airborne radar, which is capable of simultaneously tracking 8 targets and engaging 2 of them with semi-active radar homing air-to-air missiles, such as the Vympel R-27. The radar also enable the fighter to deploy active radar homing air-to-air missiles such as the Vympel R-77 when an additional channel is incorporated." The Bison is actually an upgrade package standardized for the MiG-21Bis. They are set to serve until 2025.
  20. If I had to guess: - It's cheap. - Easy to manufacture. - Easily transported and readily available (even in remote locations). - Won't freeze in subzero conditions. - The coolant leaves behind virtually no residue or byproduct that needs to be dealt with. Given the sheer number of MiG's being produced and punched out as quickly as possible, I'm sure economics, speed, and efficiency were of primary concern.
  21. Were those images taken from an instance with EDGE?
  22. I will still pay full price but it was not very professional of whomever was in control to end the pre-purchase sale and not specify the length of time the pre-purchase was valid for. Some people plan their lives like me - I planned on buying it specifically today because I knew I was getting paid today. Granted we're talking about $5 but the language and planning in ED releases is often missing key information. Something I would like to see improved. That aside - boy oh boy am I excited to get in this beast! So happy for the developers who made this remarkable sim.
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