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  1. For anyone interested, I found the answer in this very useful reddit thread: TM Warthog Stick Circuitry : hoggit (reddit.com)
  2. Hi all, As I know there have been plenty of mods among DCS users I thought to ask here in case someone knows. I am looking in installing a custom joystick on my Virpil WarBRD base, and I need to know how the pinout of the mount connector jack works. This is the same pin that Thrustmaster Warhog base is using. This connector has 5 pins. The joystick that I want to attach there (an Airbus sidestick) has 2 buttons and so I want to attach a male connector to it so that when I put it on the base these 2 buttons work through the WarBRD base. Does anyone has an idea of how this works? My guess is there should be some specific resistors needed for each button but I do know which pins should I use. Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks for your time!
  3. Dear @xoxen, Thank you very much for your reply! This seems to be what I wanted! I think its no problem that its plastic, it should be quite solid! I think this can do what I want. I'll keep this thread updated. Again, thank you for telling me about it!
  4. Hi all, I am trying to do a mod and I would be very grateful if I could have your help. I am trying to mate an Airbus sidestick with a 1.5cm hole to my Virpil WarBRD base. For this to work I need the same type of male adapter that the Thrustmaster and Virpil sticks have. Does anyone knows anywhere I can buy such an adapter? Or if someone sells a warhog stick for parts maybe? I highlight the part that I need in the image below. Any help would be very appreciated!
  5. Ok! Problem solved, I let it enough time and suddenly it started going 102%, 110% etc..it finished in the end
  6. My downloader has also stuck. Downloaded 100%, Unpacking 0.0 of 2244.5 MBytes
  7. Hi all, I am facing a weird problem. I had to stop the install of the new update 2-3 times due to need for bandwidth, and when I restarted it, it seems it now can't finish. This is what I see and its stuck there:
  8. Ok! Problem solved. It seems there were separate installations of the FC3 aircraft while I only need to have FC3 installed as one module.
  9. Hi all, Since one of the latest open beta updates, I keep getting the DLC Registration pop-up for my FC3 aircraft every single time I load DCS. It is super annoying. Does anyone knows how to fix this?
  10. Yes but maybe I rather use these money right now on something else. Why is so hard to accept it?
  11. Guys, is there any confirmation that the release date will be announced some days before so that we can use the discount? I want to buy but I'd rather hold for the days before release if possible.
  12. Hi, I also refered to it at another thread, but thought I'd also want to make a separate thread on this forum. The external model has a horizontal line which is not like the real curvature of the plane is. Could it be fixed please?
  13. Apart from other upgrades, one that is really necessary to be updated is the central line that separates the aircraft in two sides.
  14. Thank you for letting me know its reported Harker. Yes, I believe this should be fixed in the final version. The level of graphical fidelity ED has achieved is unmatched. I'm pretty confident they will fix this.
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