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  1. solution: uninstall everything reboot pc install everything from begining job done thanks man
  2. hey. since last update (dcs and oxr toolkit) i cant play dcs in vr wtih oxr. oxr developper tool for wmr is staying blank. i have uninstall everything but no way to solve it..any suggestions? thanks
  3. thanks as i play oxr now. i am not sure if lines can be show.... will see
  4. hello are you guys playing in oxr or steamvr?
  5. hello how do get the reference lines? any specific plugin? i see behind you have a menu to trigger lines. where it comes from please?
  6. hey Just one question. i own a g2 and of course i use the crosseye tool to set up my vision correctly in the headset. i swap top and bottom on each lense (as noted on many advices). so i can FEEL my vision is less painful but i was wondering is there was a software or anything else that help you to fine tune your vision. something you can visualize (lines or whatever) instead of just an impression like "i feel it is good now". and also sometimes i feel my left eye need a little more adjustment but i dont know how to adjust it (increase/decrease which value etc....) thanks for your feedback
  7. i have just changed .php to .zip and it seems to work
  8. 3) Download OpenComposite: https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR/-/tree/openxr - scroll down to 'System Wide Installation' and download ( Direct link https://znix.xyz/OpenComposite/runtimeswitcher.php?branch=openxr ) Extract the folder and put it somewhere safe (eg. Desktop or Documents folder) Then run OpenComposite.exe ----------------------- sorry but maybe a noob question: i have downloaded the "runtimeswitcher.php" but how do you extract things from php?
  9. it is the same for me! not able to download latest opencomposite due to 1gb/day. where do you find the timer please?
  10. awesome! good job!
  11. ok i think i will wait a bit.
  12. ok thanks. i will have a look at it
  13. hello everyone, i Wonder if leap motion is working with DCS via openxr? and if some of you have feedback on leap motion with DCS i am interested in it. but i Wonder if it worth to buy it. thanks
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