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  1. Thank you for fixing the tracer visibility and updating the tracers to the current model!! This will help a ton.
  2. [REPORTED]Bullet Tracers Nonexistant Bullet tracers for the 23mm cannons are still nonexistant. The smoke trail is there, however. The bullet still impacts just fine, but much more difficult to aim with. The 37mm tracer is visibile, but it is the old model of tracer. Would we be able to get the tracers updated to the current tracer model, for both 23mm and 37mm? The F-86 has the updated tracer model, it only seems fit the MiG-15 gets it as well.
  3. The new tracers look fantastic. Not at all what I was expecting when the update came, but I like em WAY more than the original tracers. Thanks Leatherneck!
  4. The Zero was wholly of Japanese origin. The 190 and Zero were designed for completely different purposes.
  5. The issue with gun dispersion and things related to it has been a topic of discussion for a great amount of time. People like accuracy and precision when it comes to details in a simulation. Please stick to the relevant issue and leave the ad hominem arguments out of the discussion as they contribute absolutely nothing to the discussion but creating conflict. We are all trying to solve this issue in an adult manner.
  6. I saw the new impacts and this P-47 image on Phil Style's youtube video. I have to say, the new impact effects look fantastic! Really looking forward to seeing these new effects in game :D
  7. I've noticed this too. Were the tracers being updated to the most recent ED tracer model? I'm wondering if they might have been in the process of that, and the old tracer texture doesn't exist anymore?
  8. Thank you Coyote and thank you to ED for the contest!
  9. I wanted to report a bug since the last update. I flew the MiG-21 today and noticed that the tracers were invisible, so I assume there is a missing texture there. The smoke trail of the tracers was there, but the glowing green/red tracers were non existent. Also when the gun fires, there is a reflection of the muzzle fire in the sight glass that basically blinds you to anything in front of you if you're looking through the sight. I hope the included images helps.
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