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  1. Squadron name: UVAF Discord ID on MVP Discord: =UVAF= Clayman [403] Contact person Discord ID: =UVAF= Clayman [403]#6718 Aircraft selection: F/A-18C Pilots: Ukraine - =UVAF= Clayman [403]
  2. As far as I understand the AOA indicator in cockpit is marked with degrees unlike bluefor aircraft. Therefore the range of available alpha should be 28° as the end of yellow zone and 33° as the end of red zone. When I pull this angles they are shown in the DCS infobar and Tackview as 15-17°. The issue is either with the FM itself or with how AOA of the module is perceived by DCS and Tackview.
  3. I'd be glad if we had an analog of walkman in f-14. Something like RD-651AV bought from a market in Afghanistan, for example.
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