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  1. Is it just me or do trains not spawn on the South Atlantic map? In the mission editor it appears there are tracks, and the unit is placed, but never spawns. Assuming this is something with the EA of the map and not having train routes coded yet perhaps?
  2. Also @LetMePickThatand @Strigoi_dkit would appear that the Grave Stone mast TR does not launch missiles. With the truck version missiles launch, but with the mast an AI jet flew right overhead. The radar dome turns to track, but missiles never launch.
  3. This is great, but you commented out some unnecessary things. The S-300PMU1 (SA-20A) is not included in the S-300 pack, and can thus remain in HDS. Also the HQ-7 launcher and Fan Song are not in HDS.
  4. Seems like the crash isn't related to the duplicate units, but when there is a duplicate SENSOR loaded. Line 165 in the log.
  5. Just cause she's at idle doesn't mean her engines are off...
  6. The TALDS are awesome thank you. However, they appear to show up as 82P on SMS page, rather than 141 as should be appropriate and what is in Wag's video. Attached is a track with freshly updated and repaired install on DCS. TALD.trk
  7. Any news on the USS Mount Whitney? I know you stated you had a model for it.
  8. Yes, they are working on a substantial update that should be released somewhat soon. Includes Pantsir, possibly PAK3 Patriot, S-400.
  9. Yes I believe it is when the site loses track it self destructs missiles. However, seems weird how they explode immediately after launch, if anything it'd be nice if ED could implement something to delay a bit. I have had entire sites eliminate themselves by blowing up missiles soon as the missile is off the rail and destroys launcher.
  10. Same behaviour. Somewhat of a bummer, since the Phoenix is the cornerstone of the F-14 and the AI refuses to use them.
  11. I can see the HH-60 in the ME, and can select payloads. However, there are no liveries to select at all. I placed them in my savedgames/liveries folder, and also tried in the mod/tech/HH-60 mod/Liveries folder, both with no avail. Any ideas?
  12. If an AI controlled F-14 is either late activated or uncontrolled and then started, when the jet starts up the wings sweep full forward. Obviously this causes issues with a limited space carrier and explosions, damage, etc. Any word on this? It seems to be the same bug as talked about here:
  13. What do you mean swap files? I just installed the GitHub into the mods directory, is this incorrect?
  14. On initial guess: all the training/instant action missions work. Syria map does not. I'll test more and let you know.
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