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  1. Yes please, unfortunately it seems that adding this would change the PG rating of DCS so ED would rather not do it.
  2. You didn't actually explain how any of his assets are illegal, you just said that this guy posts wip screenshots which don't amount to anything in the end. While annoying to some I don't see what's wrong with it, at the end of the day it's a forum and anything related to DCS can be posted. I think you should perhaps explain yourself a bit more though, if mods censor what he posts perhaps there is another reason I didn't understand.
  3. Don't get me wrong, the apache feels perfect the way it is and I am also very happy about how it handles well, I just personally feel like the ka50 has the edge in tight maneuvers and in power too, mainly at high altitude with heavier loads, you can feel the apache has trouble hovering and taking off but the ka50 still handles like a dream. But handling is partly subjective anyway. Cool to know for the lock modes, I am having quite the trouble hitting moving vehicles with the agm atm.
  4. The apache is awesome however, I find the ka50 to actually be quite a lot more effective on most day time missions, in single-player that is. Things I miss in the ah64 is not having as good of a gun as the ka, not feeling as nimble and as powerful as the ka, and not having any contrast lock (is the apache supposed to have this too?). Overall, that and the simplicity of the systems coupled with that fact that the ka50 is a single seat helo, make it more effective for me in practice. However that doesn't mean I'm not having fun in the apache, I freaking love flying that bird in combat, I especially like the mws system.
  5. Here are my steps: 1) go to the cpg seat, then go to the wpn page, from there go to UTIL page (upper right corner) and then check if laser is on (the dot next to it must be filled). 2) make sure master arm is on 3) click on "sight select switch, TADS", you can use a keybind or you can click on it on the right hand grip, it is a 4 way hat with TADS written on one way. 4) now you should be able to slew the tads, the last thing is to fire the laser, use "RHG-LRFD Trigger - second detent" to fire the main laser, it is under the right handgrip keybinds. You should be able to see the lines coming out of the center crosshair if your laser is firing correctly.
  6. Oh wow, so you feel like reducing options for people who are looking to learn DCS modules ? And in what right can you say that DCS isn't the right game for folks that enjoy it through learning the modules from the grim Reapers? This is ridiculous, as long as someone has the same enjoyment out of DCS than you, just because you are more hardcore doesn't mean you are any more legitimate as a DCS player than he is regardless of how casual he may be. Well, as a personal note, I really like many grim Reapers video because most of the time, the cut straight to the chase, especially when it comes to operating X system or cold starting an aircraft. I have flown and enjoyed DCS for over 5 years and as scary as it can sound to you, I never read any manual nor have I watched a 1h in depth video on a particular system. Most often, I just play the training missions, and for the things that aren't covered in them, I quickly search on YouTube and the grim Reapers have the exact video I need that goes straight to the point unlike some other DCS youtubers. So perhaps if you feel like the Grim Reapers are taking part of the viewership of other DCS youtubers, you should think for a second on why the Grim Reapers are getting views in the first place. Perhaps you might not like it but you shouldn't be intolerant like you seem to be now.
  7. notproplayer3

    AH-64D VR

    not on VR, however performance is quite bad on my end. Am using: i7-6700k, rtx3070ti, 32gb of ram and DCS installed on an nvme ssd and currently playing on a 1080p monitor and I am getting about 40fps in Caucasus with many dips bellow 30 and some stuttering, while not unplayable, I tried out the f16 and f14 in the same setting and got easily 100+ fps which points the finger at the apache having some kind of effect on my end. I don't see how I could get any good VR performance with these results. Is there one setting that might perhaps be totally killing the performance for me ? I don't think that's necessarily it but if I had the option, I would like to disable all the animated eye candy in the cockpit.
  8. Lezzggooooooo, hopefully it's gonna be in the 17th patch that was just announced
  9. I think they are using tacan to help them navigate to area 51.
  10. It's gonna be awesome for sure ! However I highly doubt we'll be getting the mig23 this year
  11. Ohh don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved rising squall too, yeah it was perhaps cringy, but not much more so than the questionable Anime I already watch so I was right at home you could say. In any case it has been quite some time between my last post on this thread and now so I must say that I finally didn't buy the fear the bones campaign exactly because of that top gun influence. I actually quite like that film but frankly speaking, I find the "f14 culture" more insulting to the legacy of the f14 than anything. However, I did play the zone5 campaign and this is the campaign I've wanted, not embracing the cheesy, cringy "over Americanised" universe of the f14 and being instead a realistic view on the f14 which was a plane that had it's quirks and features rather than the God plane some top gun fanboys seem to want to make us believe. In any case, rant over, I just had to get the f14 top gunny fanboyism critique off my chest No disrespect to the fear the bones campaign, I'm sure it's great, the whole setting for the campaign is just not my cup of tea.
  12. Yes debate! Yes for free speech and freedom of expression. What is right or not in a virtual simulation is your subjective view point, don't make it out as being something absolute and objective. You ain't fooling me into believing I've got no right to want NBC weapons in what is a video game because your personal ideals dictate otherwise.
  13. Just seems to me like no one at ED really wants to tackle the SC anymore, I guess devs have perhaps the more pressing matter of fixing core game bugs or working on other new modules or DCS features which would be more interesting to work on I could guess. I mean, it doesn't seem really surprising to me, as a personal comparison, when I work on a coding project, there are the exciting parts and the boring parts (to me, the exciting parts being the main core classes and functions that run the program and the boring parts, everything else, mainly everything front end related). When something is boring I usually always delay that thing to the point I'm feature creeping the main program with interesting features to work on while delaying some obvious but boring things to work on. I've had the same impression with the a10cII radio that was promised but not yet released in well over a year of waiting, yes it is just a simple radio, but I guess it ain't the hot new item devs want to be tackling right now just as the SC ain't the hot new thing anymore. At the end of the day, who am I to be conspiring on what is happening inside ED's headquarters, their business, they run it they way they chose. Still, the early access excuse is slowly but surely becoming harder to swallow, for the SC, small and obvious fixes would've been expected to come out fast but they actually didn't. On the other hand the early access period has been much more dynamic on other bigger modules such as the fa18 and f16, regarding bug fixes and feature updates. Idk, perhaps all EA's are equal, but some do seem more equal than other. (I mean come on, not to change the subject but the a10cII arc210 is being waited on for more than a year now and is the only "big" new feature that needs to be added while the f16 has absolutely been killing it for the past few months with the updates)
  14. I believe this was not present on our f16 version so it would in fact be less realistic if we had that with the f16's configuration we have currently in DCS. Though don't quote me on that, I don't know much of f16 versions myself.
  15. For me it is a combination of many things that make it one of my most flown modules. The way she flies is the most rewarding experience for me yet and while it was frustrating to fly her at first (goddamn VRS), this phase has now long passed and I find the experience odly soothing, she is very stable yet very agile and fast and the landing are sometimes tricky but nevertheless so satisfying when pulling them off beautifully. Then there is the system modeling itself, perhaps it is just me but never have I been so satisfied with this kind of system interactivity, so many things seem to work together such as the electrical system, hydraulical, and fuel systems. Again, it feels very satisfying to fly and see the systems interact with each other in sometimes some interesting ways. I remember of the time I got shot in the tail by a AAA gun, I escaped and thought I was fine, then 10 minutes later I see I have a gearbox warning light, I think nothing of it, after that I get more and more warning lights up until my tail rotor stops working, the generators too and I crash land somewhere. If I'm not mistaken it was a tail gearbox fluid leak that caused the back rotor to stop, but heck, this is a moment I'll never forget and is a testament to how great the level of detail seems of this module is. It feels very satisfying to fly this module knowing it's quality. Finally the simple fact that it is THE mi8 is enough to make me like it. The legacy of this helicopter is immense and it actually opens up mission ideas for DCS. The mi8 was not purely a military helo, but was also used in many civil applications. It gives a lot of flexibility when making missions and adds a whole new dimension of interest for this module. In any case I have such a great time with this helo as it is now that wanting new textures has actually completely become irrelevant to me as the are great by my eyes and I frankly don't care, but I can agree giving it a texture upgrade is the logical update any fan of this module would wish (though I admit the way it runs on my PC now is perfect so I'd rather retain this performance). Best DCS module to me yet.
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