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  1. I did one or two dozen tests yesterday and today verses a 2-ship of J-11s. -AIM-54A M60 -Mach 1.1-1.2 at launch, usually at around 30-35k at around 55-65 NM. -TWSA and TGT Size large. I assist the loft a bit, but not too much. Missiles are getting up to about 65K, and still dong about Mach 3 at pitbull. Not all my missiles hit, (the AI actually knows the split-S now), but they track well and get close. None of them, not even one, went stupid into space like some people are experiencing. Here's a follow up shot closer range from down low, AI still performs perfect last resort notches. What can you do? It's ED AI. Overall the missiles are tracking very well for me and retaining energy, (not over-maneuvering after pitbull), much better than they were a year ago. Chaff resistance is also far better. I'm much happier with the Phoenix than at this time last year when my PK was less than 10%. Now it's probably around 40% under the same conditions. I'm really looking forward to the completed API and the finishing touches on the Phoenix.
  2. All the things I mentioned are pitfalls on the current open beta. Try Alpha Mark 60s, target size large, and don't over do it on assisting the loft, and tell me if your missiles still go into orbit. If they do then you're probably not holding a good track.
  3. Are you using Cs? Are you using Target size Small? Are you over-assisting the loft, especially at medium range? You risk your missiles going into space if you do those things.
  4. Can someone translate the ARC-182 and TACAN set commands as well as LANTIRN external draw arguments into layman terms? I'm not following.
  5. He's saying you can put the landing flaps out partially at over 200 kts and not break them.
  6. The problem with this request is a lot of people who are not disabled will use it. They want to fly the F-14 without flying the F-14.
  7. I did a little bit more testing with the Tomcat TACAN this morning. On one of my older missions I see some weird behavior. There's a CVN-72 (72X) and a nearby S-3 (1Y).There's also a few other things in the miz, but nothing with competing TACANs. On entry into the cockpit via parking/hot it auto selects the TACAN to 1Y A/A, but I get a sour signal. I only get a sweet TACAN on 1X T/R mode which doesn't make a lot of sense. I created a brand new miz with only the CVN-72 and S-3, both same TACAN settings as the old miz. On the new miz the 1Y A/A settings works perfectly and gives me bearing and range to the S-3, as does the 72X T/R for the boat. Very weird. The only difference between the two miz files aside from less stuff, is on the older miz I set the CVN TACAN via trigger rules and on the new miz I set the TACAN via the regular advanced waypoint actions method. So I wonder if there is a conflict with that, or maybe missions created on a much older version of the OB have TACAN problems. It's a mystery.
  8. No, I believe it's a feature/realistic. But I think it's F-18 only.
  9. Oh wait, I'm dumb. I forgot to respect this TACAN chart when i was testing the Hornet. That's probably why I wasn't getting anything with A/A set. Interesting how regulsr T/R gave me perfect range and bearing to 1, 2, and 3 Y.
  10. It doesn't work that way in the mission editor. When creating a tanker you assign it a TACAN value that the clients are supposed to use. Just like the various ground TACAN stations around the map.
  11. Really? Very weird. I just made a miz to test it. I made a client slot for a F-14B and an F-18. I made three tankers, an S-3 (3Y), a 130 (2Y), and a 135MPRS (1Y). In the F-18 I don't get TACAN information on any of them if I have the : next to A/A. I only get sweet TACAN if I remove the :. In the Tomcat I'm getting a sweet TACAN on both A/A and T/R, so that's inconsistent with what my understanding of the current TACAN modelling is. (My fault for replying to things before properly testing myself). All I know is some of the guys in my wing have reported broken tanker TACANs in some of our F-14 training miz files, and they were able to fix it by switching to T/R. But yeah...both of the modes seem to work on my end.
  12. Currently in DCS Open Beta you have to use T/R for tankers. A/A only works for fighter to fighter. Not sure if this is a bug or feature. Edit: OH wait you're using Jester to do it? Hmm I dunno then. Maybe he didn't get the memo to use T/R mode. I haven't tested it via Jester yet.
  13. I was pretty excited about the video too, but then I read the video description: "PTID (air-to-air tactical display) with TCS video recorded together. This did not appear in the cockpit this way, but with the switches set a certain way, if you selected TCS in the cockpit, the TCS would record over the PTID." So it didn't display that way on the PTID, it was just an optional way to record the sensor data for debriefs.
  14. I would like a way to have Jester default to the center on aircraft option under Navigation Grid. Having to ask him to do it every time I go from aircraft stabilized to navgrid is annoying. Maybe an indefinite option too so he keeps re-centering every few seconds. I don't need to be asked to do these things when I play as a human RIO.
  15. I reported this on the HB forum, but I will report it here too in case it's an ED issue. TLDR, GBUs deployed from the Tomcat in CMPTR TGT mode with a JTAC lasing the target are less accurate than the same weapon deployed from the Hornet via its analogous mode. Sometimes it's even possible for one bomb to hit and the other to miss when dropped in a pair. How is this possible?
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