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  1. That effect will fade away when your brain gets used to it the next weeks. It learns the dfference of VR and RL.
  2. Maybe no need to put on the HMD while in the menues or mission editor? I want to FLY in VR. Not menue in VR.
  3. That's a problem, how DCS alignes the cloud sprites to the camera. They use the roll of the camera as upvector instead of the worlds up axis. Would be ez to fix.
  4. Just a simple answer to a simple question in the first post. Just execute: ..\DCS version\bin\DCS_updater.exe and DCS will update to the latest version. Doesn't matter which one u have already installed.
  5. Just set up this button as a modifier in DCS.
  6. i7 5820k, 6 real cores @4.6ghz. 32GB RAM The Fps on my old 980 ti where as expected with my grafic settings. So, I needed a 1080 ti to get to stable 45 fps. I dont need ASW. I hit 45 fps at any time with nice looking graphix. And ASW doesnt give me more fps. I would never turn any shadows off. If my GPU cant handle shadows on high fps, I need a better GPU. :thumbup:
  7. Logical conclusion could be: Use another glass shader for the viggen, until ED fixed it.
  8. I think, RAZBAM has to ensure a nice workflow, that Mavs follow the TV or tpod again (after you have locked a target), without having to reset everything and begin from zero. I can't imagine that it's that complicated IRL for the pilots?
  9. btw, for me, the afterburner has visually too less power. Pls match it more to RL-Footage as seen attached. On the DCS screenshot, it should glow like hell in this dark low sun condidtion.
  10. Through the canopy glass of the viggen, there is something strange happening. Especially good to see on low sun conditions. For comparison a screenshot in the same situation in the Sabre. 3rd pircure shows, that it only happens behind the canopy glass. Outside, it looks normal.
  11. Automatically? Hmm, I dont have that here. Did u disable easy comms in the game options?
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