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  1. Hi, I was going through the mission and realize that the D/L stopped working right after WPT#4, perfect timing since lead asked me to go to combat spread and things started to warm-up a bit. Nice mission so far, at had to stop at that point since I didn't remember how to slave the TGP to the radar, silly me.
  2. C3PO, look at the one from CasmoTV. Hilarious.
  3. In pre-order. I can hear the turbines spooling up!
  4. Honestly I have no idea about the position of my cyclic while flying. I know it's in front of me, that's it. What I know for sure is where I want to go/do and what I have to do to acheive this. I also look outside a lot.
  5. Maybe this could help: Apply power slowly and continuously. Look forward and keep your nose straight with your feet. Do not touch the cyclic. You will notice that the helicopter is lifting nicely almost in a hover position. The helicopter has a tendency to move slightly forward and right (IIRC). This movement is easily cancelled with the beep trim but this can come a bit later on. Long story short, apply power gently, keep your nose straight and don't touch anything else.
  6. BMS manuals contain everything you need to know about the systems and weapons. Not the most eye catching ones but definetly worth a look.
  7. Here is a thread about CTLD that might help you: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=143107 It looks complicated at first glance but it's very easy at the second glance. Do not hesitate to contact BSD on discord and ask for some help.:)
  8. Use CTLD script. Loading and unloading troops is a breeze.
  9. Try this thing while lifting into a hover: Add power slowly (pull collective slowly). Keep your nose straight (a bit of right pedal). DO NOT touch the cyclic. She will lift nicely and almost settle into a steady hover. Use the "china hat" to trim the dragon.
  10. Hi, I am looking at the graphs and I do not see any wind input for computing the max IGE weight (same for OGE). Wind can ease things a lot. Did I missed something?
  11. Out of interest, are the wires modelled? Can they break? Despite what one can read about the Gazelle, I like this module, multicrew is really fun.
  12. If you sat on the ramp for more than 15 minutes you might have not set your radios correctly and missed some instructions. Listen to the left seat pilot and you will not get bored. This campaign is brilliant and quite difficult. I am struggling to stay polite here, oh boy!
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