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  1. Modern Warbirds are not loaded like they were in WW II. No Ammo, lighter radios, and less fuel on todays' Warbirds. Try using the TF-51 with a light fuel load.
  2. The T-34 modeled should be a late war variant (T-34/85 Model 1945}. It should go with a late war variant of the Yak-9 (Yak-9U). The map I would like to see would be centered around 1945 Berlin (lots of buildings damaged). This map would offer late WWII and early Cold War missions that would include the Soviets. You can also do Western Allies bomber missions using air starts. You could do a non-historic Battle Royale.
  3. @amazingme does the stats reflect player vs player only or does B-17 bomber hits count too? Can you add target type to the statistics? I think @Nirvi has a valid point in lower caliber rounds kill stealing. The .303 Browning (7.7mm) is more effective than the .50 Browning (12.7mm) but remember the .303 is paired with the 20mm Hispano. The 13mm MG 131 is paired with either the 20mm MG 151/20 or the 30mm MK 108. The MG 131 is shown by the stats to be as effective as the MG 151/20. The statistics do show that the .50 Browning is underperforming. I think the 8 rounds average for the MK 108 on SoW is likely due kill stealing by the MG 131. This Wikipedia article on the MK 108 cannon states the Germans thought it took an average of 4 rounds to kill a heavy bomber while it took 1 round to kill a fighter.
  4. I think the detailed damage model is the best hope for ships. I took out a B-17 out recently with an Anton burst because I killed the bomber pilots. You should be able to take out flak gun crews on ships with the .303s on the mossie. To speed things up, ED should make detailed damage models for WWII ships, but leave the visual representation of damage for latter. The gameness of the current damage model really shows up bad with ship targets. WWII ground vehicles should be next starting with armored vehicles. Again, leaving the visual representation of damage for latter. Even if that means watching artillery pieces burn like oil tanks.
  5. Happy News. Last night I dreamed I was in Apache training. Didn't wash out. Can't be long now.
  6. So, the Rocket trigger is on the right throttle handle. Sneaky those Brits.
  7. I cannot get the rockets to fire in the training mission. I assume you use the bomb release button on the stick. I can see the button depress, but nothing fires.
  8. How does the A-6 gunsight compare with the F-4 gunsight?
  9. Could the gunsight be from an A-6 Intruder? Same generation as the F-4. They are showing the model a lot for an AI only plane. Thought Paris and London being modeled is interesting. Hope they expand Channel to do Market Garden.
  10. From a coding standpoint, a lot of the systems and weapons are shared between the F/A-18C and the F-16. You code a simulated AN/APG-73 radar and it becomes the starting point for a AN/APG-68 radar. Yes, the models, FM, and details are different, but, it always easier to start with something similar. DCS now has momentum turning out new modules. The core features people want are new coding efforts. DCS was not originally designed to have a Dynamic Campaign. The new Damage Model system is still being worked out on the WWII planes. These efforts are going to take years. As for the Hind, it is tanking 105mm tank rounds and keeps flying. It's still early early-access. The Apache not even out yet.
  11. Actually, a good test case for adding WWII fighters to MAC is how popular the F-86 Sabre and Mig-15 matchup is in MAC. These fighters have cockpits more similar to warbirds then modern jets.
  12. Navigator has a perfect view of the VSI.
  13. And I thought the VSI position in the Sabre was bad until I got the Mossie.
  14. The whole Doppler system is not working for me. The Stationary Flight indicator is showing wrong information. The Ground Speed and Drift Angle indicator is off. The Digital Display Unit shows wrong numbers in a route I have flew in the Mi-8 many times without issue. So the Map is broken.
  15. The ammo indicators are on the right side near the floor. They don't work with the 30mm cannon yet. Haven't tried GUV pods.
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