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  1. I try to keep my final approach airspeed between 135-145 knots while constantly adjusting throttle input all the way to wheels down. Then I go idle, deploy the airbrake, and roll out till I'm under ~80 knots. At 80 or under I apply the wheel brakes. I seem to stop all of the time before running out of runway.
  2. Yes, it's possible. I just did it yesterday. See here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/500/#1510447
  3. STEAM version is fine. I think a lot of the STEAM version hate is unwarranted. A lot of times no reasons are given for recommending the standalone version over the STEAM version. STEAM version gets open updates at the same time as standalone and new modules lately are mostly released concurrently with standalone. I'm on STEAM version and no issues. Can install mods and missions with no issue too.
  4. I don't think the STEAM version deserves all the bad rap it gets. STEAM does have OpenBeta option which is released at same time as standalone every 2 weeks. STEAM version also got early access F/A-18 around same time as standalone. STEAM version also gets most of the same seasonal sales on modules. I've also downloaded and installed mods/missions on the STEAM version without issue. STEAM version is fine. I have it and all my modules are on it without any issue. I also use STEAM for other games and like having all in one place. My module recommendation: F/A-18C First true multi-role fighter available in DCS. Flight model is super fun (for me anyways) and the systems are not enormously complex to learn and use. It's gonna have a wide-range of ordnance available when complete and be able to do from A2A to A2G with the flip of a switch.
  5. A2A seeing as every time I try to do A2G in the Hornet I get a SAM up the tail pipes. Need to do more flying!
  6. Now I am getting a black screen after 2-3 minutes on BlueFlag server role selection screen. All I want to do is play DCS and this is infuriating. :( A game shouldn't be stressful to even get playing and after spending $200+ on modules and peripherals I'm beginning to consider quitting altogether and seriously regretting my decision to start playing a game that I dearly love. Loading time for any mission (even instant action) already takes forever and now these crashes just as I think I can be able to play are really frustrating. 16GB RAM, 32GB pagefile, and everything is on SSD............................. :(
  7. I just want soft-lock IFF, radar fixes and IR mavs. With that I'm happy to wait another 2-3 months.
  8. Open the HSI/color map on one of the MFDs and look for the soft button called TIMEUFC on the bottom row of buttons and then ZTOD on the UFC. Press it and it'll remove the time display from the HUD.
  9. Lack of situational and spatial awareness is my biggest challenge with regards to A2A engagements in the Hornet. Most of the time an unseen M2K or SU-27 sneaks in and shoots one up my tailpipe while I'm engaging another plane.
  10. Not to mention RAM prices are insane right now.
  11. I'm used to playing civil aviation flight sims, so just being able to zip around in a hornet in a graphically beautiful game with heading tracking (amazing!) is extremely satisfying for me alone. Of course, the weapons and systems aspects are a whole other side of it and I enjoy those too along with PvP online.
  12. 1. Use Display Driver Uninstaller to completely remove your Nvidia drivers. Then reinstall the latest version. 2. Revert your BOTH GPU + CPU to stock clocks/volts if you're overclocked. Then test it out; still crashing? Run a repair install on the game. If you still have issues, try taking out one stick of RAM and see if game still crashes. If it does, swap out the other stick. Meaning, try one stick of RAM at a time and see if game crashes with either/or specifically.
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