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  1. Gentlemen thank you, have implemented and have assigned the axis as per your guidance. I have full axis rotation with your exact settings for Y saturation, slider and invert selected. The issue I have is that the control is reversed, so when I turn up the volume on the dial, the volume reduces in-game. Quick Q - when you jump into the pit for the first time and turn on your radio, are your radio volumes at the highest volume setting on the dial or the lowest? i.e do you have to turn the volume up to hear the radio? My radios are always at the highest volume, it has been this way even before I made these recent changes, I turn down the volume on each channel when I start up to select the desired volume.
  2. Thanks LeCuliver! Will take a look tonight and feedback.
  3. I’m trying to assign a set of dials on my Virpil throttle to radio volume. They each have an assignable axis but I can’t figure out how to configure in-game as the option isn’t available in the Axis section to assign to the specific radio volume controls I am looking for. I know I can make the dial deliver a number of button presses through the rotation of the axis but I’m looking for the volume dial in-game to mirror the exact position of the physical dial rather than using it to ‘tune’ the volume up and down, having to return it to a central position after. Hope that makes sense, all help greatly appreciated! Tks
  4. Completely agree. In 2D high resolution too many switches are illegible and the overall ‘battered’ cockpit liveries are too much. Has taken the shine off the release for me, would have liked a choice of weathered or new cockpit. So much effort has gone into this release by the devs to make this launch as perfect as they can (v.admirable) hard to believe creating a clean/new cockpit option would have taken as much effort as some of the fine details they have applied elsewhere.
  5. 65Ds able to lock and hit target: 200kts @ 20k ft AGL - 12.5nm 300kts @ 11k ft AGL - 9.9nm
  6. Thanks all sorted, I needed to reload the latest files.
  7. Massive creds to you, spent hours trying to figure out why I didn’t have a tone...
  8. Just noticed that the Virpil store is back in stock of various items. This will bring another spike in customer support issues. I understand you guys have a business to run and want to sell as many units as possible but your own forum is littered with tech support posts from people with issues that are left unanswered, especially regarding your throttle. Your products are expensive, you get what you pay for which is why we buy your products for quality from small scale production - this should also include all aspects of the customer experience. We’re all fans of flight sims and respect the work you do to create these niche products for us but as one of your customers I do feel let down by reading reports and experiencing inconsistent build quality and software issues. Support ticket response times are very slow, you’re busy, I get that but it will only get worse as you release more stock. There feels to me to be an inbalance here that needs addressing.
  9. Has anyone tried Piercing Fury recently? Having major issues after the latest update where the missions don’t trigger at all. I get in pit, radios on start up, nothing. Both with easy comms and without.
  10. Ah OK I get it thanks, so by stopping Windows calibration DCS will still recognise the joystick as the same previous device and pull in the previous settings.
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