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  1. It says available now in the trailer... do we have a release date for MAD 2?
  2. I was initially a little disappointed, but I could see its potential. Over the weekend I've flown in it a lot more, and even had a medium-sized multiplayer mission over the Falklands, and not only am I even more thrilled with its potential, but I'm happier with its current state. They clearly have a lot of work to do, and it's not ready for, say, building a commercial campaign in it yet. I'm seeing lots of ways to use the map for multiplayer missions with my squadron right now.
  3. Okay - I answered my own question with experimentation last night. The problem was the optimization setting in Liberation turning off vehicle movement. Apparently, if the vehicles don't physically move to past the enemy base in DCS, the front line will not move. This hurt frame rate quite a bit in VR, but both bases were taken in a single turn with the setting turned back on.
  4. If I have ground unit movement turned off as the optimization setting (I fiddled with a bunch of those after having some early framerate issues in VR in Syria), will that make a difference? I keep blowing up the defending units, but of course they keep getting a trickle of reinforcements each turn.
  5. How long does it take ground forces to capture a base? My front lines in a Syria Civil War map have been "parked" in front of near-defenseless airbases for several turns now. I've tried setting the ground AI to both "aggressive" and "breakthrough" (the northern side has been just "aggressive" throughout) but the front lines haven't moved. I am still getting the messages in the log each turn that our ground forces are "making progress" toward Hama and Al Dumayr, though. Is there anything else I need to be doing? Or is it just a matter of more turns passing? Because right now, the missions are getting pretty boring...
  6. Okay, I'm having bad performance issues in VR (but I don't think it's just VR-related - just more noticeable in VR) with several destroyed units on the screen at once. When they are alive, even with dot-labels on, there are no problems in performance. Everything is cool. But once they are all destroyed, if they are all on the screen at once (we're talking maybe 30+ destroyed units), frame rate drops through the floor. It could be smoke / flame, I suppose, but about half of the units are infantry. None of the graphics settings seem like they'd make a difference. The only smoke setting is for chimney smoke. Is there a configuration setting somewhere that might help with this? Has anyone else experienced this problem with performance being fine for (large-ish numbers of) living units and then going to pot for destroyed units?
  7. So it's not just me... Heh - I came here specifically to see if I just had bad luck last night, or if anyone else was experiencing the same problems. Yeah, the stuttering was horrendous. For the record, I'm running a 2080Ti with a Pimax 5K+. I doubt I'm going to be playing this map very much until they optimize it / fix the performance hit / stuttering.
  8. Yeah, in terms of increasing capability, it's MiG-19 -> F-5E -> MiG-21, IMO. Otherwise, you've got the Korean War era F-86 and MiG-15. It was really designed to go up against the U.S. "Century Fighters" of the late 50s / early 60s, and it beat them to the punch for being the first true supersonic fighter to go into full production. SOME DAY SOON I hope we'll have some of those fighters in DCS ... I especially want the Super Sabre and the Thud. But yeah, right now, it's kind of in its own class.
  9. It's super-noticeable for me at dawn or sunset. Also using Pimax 5K+. It's different per-eye, but the DCS screenshot function captures the problem okay. This is also an issue at night time, but when the sun is near the horizon it is at its worst. Headache-inducing.
  10. Or improved graphic performance, I s'pose.
  11. It was curiously specific. And a source of arguments long before DCS existed... :)
  12. The differences are pretty marginal, with lots of offsets, caveats, exceptions, pros, cons, and situational variations on both sides. But as most people are saying, I think the F/A-18 gets the nod for BVR engagements, and BFM goes to the F-16. I do not believe there is a better dogfighter in DCS than the Viper. Which isn't making a grandiose statement of superiority or anything. It merely means that if you're flying the Viper and get your butt kicked in 1v1 BFM, you have no excuses.
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