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  1. For all those interested in an 'out of the box' solution for getting their X-52 (Pro or non-pro) working with the A-10C and the KA-52 this should hopefully be of use and solve the diff.lua problem. I found these profiles courtesy of Iron from wiki.hoggit.us (clicky). Iron has generously included the .pr0 profiles, the keyboard and joystick diff.lua files, and graphics to show which buttons do what (printable). Why these sort of things aren't bundled with new downloads or linked in the manuals I will never know. They are such a fundamental part of simming but so hard to find and install correctly. To all users that have contributed material such as this thankyou very much!
  2. Well again the joke is on me.. I have spent hours pulling my hair out getting JB's profile to work so I could enjoy the A-10C module.. Never occurred to me that DCS would allow PARTIAL reading of the older type of .lua file (through allowing you to see it All Files then load it).. I thought I was doing something wrong all this time but in fact I was working with an old format that could never work. If a mod could update the first post in this thread to alert potential users of the profile a great deal of trouble could be saved - This thread scores high on Google searches etc, so for newcomers (or 'returnees' like me) there is still a high probability of falling into the 'compatibility trap'. Flight simming is 90% computer support and frustration and 10% flying.. Grrrr..
  3. A lot has been mentioned about JDAM's, and fire-and-forget being preferential, but isn't the capability to call off the strike important too? My thoughts were that this is why LGB's are still being used, if something happens while the ordnance is in the air there is the option of slewing the cursors away. Ironically I bet following the release of the A-10 module in DCS the 65-E becomes the preferred variant.. Hehehe..
  4. :megalol: Amen, bro. I just learnt something new lol.
  5. That was nuts. How many prisoners did they have?
  6. In no way am I suggesting it be ignored - I just don't want to take away from the sheer terrible nature of the experiments by over-exposure. I'm politely pleading to leave it as shocking as I found it, rather than have the subject discussed and have everyone desensitised to it. I don't see what good can come from people seeing it as 'just another atrocity'. Let them find out, reflect upon it, and encourage others to do the same, without discussing it. I don't see what there is to talk about to be honest. I'm sure we'd all be in agreement with each others' sentiments. With regards to the war trials question posted, as mentioned I believe your quote from Wiki to be the answer, case closed.
  7. Yes. I'm very sorry you brought this up. It is a very big deal. 731, and the Nazi scientists in the camps, committed things that are unspeakable. I think that Topol-M has hit the nail on the head with his quote from Wiki, and I plead with you to not take this any further on these forums. If anybody isn't sure what me or anybody else is talking about then please to a Google, read for yourself about what happened, and contemplate humanity/respect the dead. I encourage discussion about humanity, but in this case I feel it needs no discussion and should remain both a memorial, and a warning to our generation. JPM mate, I just really don't want this talked about - once discussed things have a way of being trivialised.
  8. Also I read on the F-16 the first trigger starts the gun-cam recording, and has been mentioned can be used for manual lasing.
  9. Thanks for quoting that entire post so I saw it all THREE times Zakobi.. (lol) Nice model too.. I never find the time, all the best on your build.
  10. Can't rep you but thanks for sharing mate.
  11. I would hesitate to say this but there's no such thing as a free meal, and I don't really see the 'peoples' internet being around for my kids. Sorry to derail the [deadish] thread. It needs to be said though. DRM won't be needed if a certain set of circumstances prevail.
  12. Wow.. 20,000 ft in a helicopter. Not saying it's impossible, but surprised me at a glance.
  13. I bought a really old FFB wheel from eBay for £5.00, and the pedals worked just fine for BS. Obviously nice wide stance ones would be better, but my pedals were fully functional and did the job. As mentioned though, you need to make sure the drivers allow you to make the pedals work as one axis.
  14. Yeah, suppose we were a bit sarcy with him. It was the txt speek that got me. Sorry Spider.
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