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  1. Simiple solution. Don't buy it until its complete. Anyone buying any early access module should expect a broken or mostly incomplete product. And even if it is complete they still manage to break things with every update. That is how this game company rolls. No one has a gun to your head as far as I know. This is not meant to offend any snowflakes btw.
  2. But it is. I expect to see this thread up to 20 pages by end of 2022.
  3. How about a time stamp. I don’t feel like listening to this dude for almost half an hour
  4. Havent had a chance to try it. But this is from OB update notes on how to see them. Add TSD Threat Rings. Threat rings are based on hostile air defence units placed in the Mission Editor that are not “Hidden on MFD”. To display, select TSD SHOW at T3, COORD SHOW at T6, and then PLANNED TGTS/THREATS at L5. Yellow rungs indicate estimated detection range and red rings indicate estimated engagement range. When enabled, threats will also be listed on the COORD page, COORD list.
  5. Everything offends me
  6. When ED has more news to share, they will! (Paraphrased)
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