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  1. Well lets see how long it takes somebody to derail this thread and then how long it takes sithspawn to use that an an excuse to lock it.
  2. I truly cannot wait to rain meteors while super-cruising through space.
  3. I'm just sitting here wanting an F-15A to go at it with everything we have now and have coming along, Mig-29A, F-14A, Mig-23MLA, Mirage F1, Mirage 2000, F-8, Mig-21, F-5, F-4 and F-104 (maybe) That Fox 1 era is going to be the most complete and fleshed out area DCS is going to have.
  4. Please continue! Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!
  5. I'd buy an F-15A, but not a C
  6. So when you gonna form that 3rd party and bring us Su-17 Alpenwolf?
  7. I hope it some older versions, 70s, early 80s, sincce thats the only timeframe where there are any proper red planes in this game.
  8. Is that intended? I remember it used to switch automatically.
  9. This may have been brought up before but I just stumbled across this article https://hushkit.net/2019/07/19/flying-fighting-in-the-jf-17-thunder-interview-with-pakistan-air-force-fighter-pilot/ Great read, aside from some of sabre rattling towards the end. I did find the part about achieving radar locks at 50-60+nm on Su-30's pretty interesting, the KLJ-7 seems to punch above its weight for how small the antenna is.
  10. Dude, it was worth it on launch day, it literally launched basically feature complete the best module launch DCS has ever had. Just needed some bug fixing. Also great news about EXP/DBS, getting those boys designated who are close together is hard.
  11. I would be fine with a subscription as long as that money was earmarked for only dcs core improvements.
  12. yea JSDF F-15 or F-4 would be really awesome.
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