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  1. Thank you very much for clarifying this Zyll, These steps worked perfectly!
  2. Thanks! It used to be: Slew, Designate, Step, Slew, Designate, Step, Slew, Repeat, Undesignate after final designation, Pickle! So now it's changed to : Slew, Designate, Undesignate Step, Slew, Designate, Undesignate Step, Slew, Repeat, Undesignate after final designation, Pickle, ??
  3. I'm getting the same issue, the Maverick display used to look similar to the TPod but with worse resolution. Changing from white hot to black hot just changes the colour of the cross hair too.
  4. After the latest patch, when I have JDAMS in TOO mode, the Co-ordinates from the Targeting Pod are not updating after I designate them. Steps I am taking: Master Arm on, Select AG Mode, Select JDAM, wait for it to align, Select JDAM fuzing, and TOO mode for each JDAM, Select JDAM DSPLY, Select MSN page, Slew TPod around, watch the Co-ords update, Designate target, Co-ords don't get saved, Slew tpod some more, and watch Co-ords continue to update. You used to see the co-ords for that JDAM 'locked in' even when you stepped to the next JDAM and then stepped back to it. Now the bombs just go whereever, is there a step I'm missing? The same behavior also happens when you select QTY from the JDAM DSPLY and select all of the stations
  5. I have this issue too. When you designate something in Snowplow mode, the bomb fall line and aim box remain slaved to where the TGT pod was looking at the waypoint
  6. This is the simplest and best explanation of how to do mulitple TOO targets that I've read. Thank you!
  7. Yes, I have the same issue. I do not see the numbers either side of the cursor change when i change the antenna elevation. Nor does the radar elevation actually change, It won't see a steady target right in front of me, no matter how much i change the antenna elevation
  8. I managed to get it to work on 3 different targets with last 2 bombs hitting the same target. I'm not sure how i managed to get it. I might have undesignated each time. or some combination of changing between TOO and PP mode. Undesignating a target slews the tpod back to center though I was checking the co-ords on the JDAM mission page for each station. If i can step through the bombs and the co-ords are different for each one, then I know it will go to a different target.
  9. I can't get this to work, every time i designate a target the co-ordinates update for all of the bombs. I've followed RedKite's and Chazflyz's videos, neither work.
  10. Cage /Uncage doesn't seem to center the TPod any more. It just seems to roll the lens / camera around so that it is facing backwards. Is there a way to center it ?
  11. I have a similar problem; except that when I select the TGP, the waypoint gets deleted. I cannot create new ones either and the waypoint number increments to 127. Trying to select another waypoint also deletes it. **Edit, I just realised I nudged TMS right by mistake, as well to bring on my issue. What does TMS Right do?
  12. I might have had a weird combination of buttons that was stopping me going back to normal mode. I deleted them all and have one set to DOGFIGHT / Missile Override Switch - Cycle' and this seems to have worked
  13. How do you turn the Radar back on after using the 'DOGFIGHT / Missile Override Switch - Cycle' command? I've tried heaps of combination settings for the Dogfight switch, but it always says NO RAD across the top of the HUD. I've tried cycling through radar submodes too Any Ideas?
  14. Hi Has there been a change in the way the TPOD centering works (again)? It used to be 'AG Target Un-Designate/NWS/FOV Toggle' to re center the TPOD. Then; as per this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3995595&postcount=5 I found i had to press the 'Slave' MPCD button then 'AG Target Un-Designate/NWS/FOV Toggle' to re center the TPOD. Now it just 'AG Target Un-Designate/NWS/FOV Toggle' to recenter the TPOD. Was this an error in a patch or something I missed in the change log? I did a quick search but found nothing. Thanks
  15. I had this issue too. I've just figured it out I (think) There is a Slave button on the bottom right of the MPCD. Pressing it, and then press 'AG Target Un-Designate/NWS/FOV Toggle' to re center the TPOD. The Cage / Uncage button toggles between CCIP Mode and AUT /CCRP Mode. In AUT mode, it snaps the bomb fall line to the designated / lased point. Not sure if this is how it works in real life or not
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