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  1. these are bad modelling mistakes, hope it gets a fix soon.
  2. please can we get an uncage command and toggle like the P 51
  3. Just give us a brand new high quality (Jug level) Mustang and I am happy to pay another 50 bucks. The model is 10+ years old, we need a new one. Every Mustang pilot I know would pay for it. The tailwheel sticking out at certain FOVs needs a fix asap. It's the ugliest bug we have in DCS right now.
  4. Yep, at higher speeds it starts to roll and is quite hard to get out of that roll to one side movement.
  5. You guys sure it's not PNVS AND scenery stutter? PNVS gives a huge FPS hit so maybe it's not only the PNVS that stutters. My whole game stutters when I use PNVS or mirror TADS on a MPD.
  6. PNVS or TADS on a MPD cut my frames from solid 60 down to low 40s. I lowered pretty much every setting down to minimum fidelity to no effect. It is only the PNVS or TADS. Please optimize this, it kills the whole Apache experience.
  7. 2D here, solid 60 fps. Turning on PNVS or showing FLIR on a screen tanks my fps down to 40. Over large cities on Syria if I have stutter I can turn off MPDs by lowering brightness all the way and I am back to smooth 60 fps. The new Flir and the MPDs needs optimization. Lowering settings has no effect at all.
  8. I have the power levers bound to an axis (Power levers both). If I move them back for shutdown they don't go back all the way. I have to grab them with the mouse to get them to the full back position. After that I can bring them to idle with the keyboard commands.
  9. No shadows at all doesn't help. TADS and FLIR on MPD or PNVS on and my FPS go from 60 to low 40s.
  10. For us it is never syncronized. CPG chooses direct to, pilot doesn't see it on his side. No matter what symbology mode.
  11. Apache stutters for me in 2D when I turn on PNVS or mirror TADS on a MFD. When I turn off the MFDs by turning down brightness I get smooth 60 fps again. Lowering fidelity and resolution does nothing. TADS and PNVS give me stutter. Great. 1080ti, 8700k, 32gb ram
  12. It has to be. The MC fun in the other helos is unmatched. No MC no buy for me. Its a MC helicopter IRL.
  13. Same, only buy it if there is Multicrew. The Hind and Apache set the bar, its awesome in MC.
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