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  1. Hi, Could you please make the Rules/trigger three columns window searchable. E.g., this way we may search for flag numbers (in order to ascertain a certain number is free or already in use) or specific text in the data pertaining to the triggers, conditions and actions. In a similar fashion, a tool that keeps track of flags in use and their links to objects/events would help. It will help to be able to clone more than one line at a time in the trigger column and the conditions and action columns. Thanks
  2. Same prob with the MiG-21 AND Viggen. I tested comms with ATC and with the Perform command > Transmit message THEN AI task push in the triggers comms with ground crew work with the MiG-21. Did not test with the viggen.
  3. No. We’ll get the F-1 CE first
  4. Hi, I've been creating missions with the ME (Syria map). I noticed the ME won't save any text on the RED or NEUTRAL TASK window. This does happen for some missions but not for all of them. E.g. Any text I type in the situation window AND Blue task will be saved and displayed in the mission briefing. Any text I type in the RED and NEUTRAL TASK windows will show up when I type it. But after I hit Save mission, and go back to the briefing windows, it will show a blank window. Also nothing will show up in the briefing window post mission start. Can anyone help?
  5. In M4, i mostly used level bombing. In order to make sure I would be 200 m above the tunnel entrance, i used the barometric altimeter set to the target’s QFE. I would set it in advance, e.g. before entering the valley.
  6. Thank you for the feedback @Lupson M10: Regarding the last mission: because it's a night landing, you are supposed to land at Batumi, not at the road base. But this has no influence on the score. The conditions for success are: at least 1 Mj1-Mj2 submunition in each of the areas where both enemy concentrations are. M5 and 8: I'm sorry the AI pilot crashed close to the IP. It does not prevent you from successfully completing those missions but it certainly has an impact on the quality of your in-game experience. I am inclined to think you have been unlucky because I tested those missions several times each the AI never crashed. It is possible most of the time the AI will behave according to plan and sometimes it won't. Let me know if you experienced the crashes in a consistent, predictable manner. M4: Indeed the trigger works only with SB/71s. Following your suggestion, I have added the SB/71 HD and RB-05 to the trigger as well. Thank you. Version 1.05 of the campaign in now online.
  7. Thank you for your comprehensive answer. Now I know why it happens and what to do.
  8. Hi, I've been looking in the forum how to use the scores show in the debrief to establish whether a goal has been achieved or not but could not find what I am precisely looking for. In this example, player shot down 2 F-86s and is granted by DCS a score of 40. I'd like the Mission goals to be affected by that score. For example is this score is between 15 and 25, I'd like the player to be awarded 10 pts. If the score is 35-45, then 20 pts. But the player score less/more condition does not work. The reason I need to use the debrief scoring is because I need to establish the score according the kills attributable to the player. I cannot use dead units as they can be killed by anyone, player, AI, on simply crash. Thanks for your help
  9. As I was about to land, all of a sudden my stick stopped responding (no roll/no pitch) and the plane's nose began dipping. On the warning panel, the hydraulic pressure light was on. The buster hydraulic system light was not lit. On the pressure gauge, the main hydraulic system pressure was nil. But. it was sufficient in the command hydraulic system. According to the manual, p. 67 According to the Emergency procedures for the failure of the hydraulic system, p. 169 So my understanding is roll and pitch should be responding provided one of the two hydraulic systems has sufficient pressure. But, this not what happened in my case. Am I missing something?
  10. Hi all, I' propose this topic to share our HOTAS configuration for the Viggen it may help us better fine tune. I use a Warthog HOTAS. For the throttle: Deadzone = 0; Saturation X = 100; Y -= 100; Curvature = -22 Deadzone 0 Saturation X 100 Saturation Y 100 Curvature -22 - I use an alternate three step detent - each step is corresponding to reheat level 1 through 3. - Also, since the 2.7.9 update (dec. 23rd 2021) sthing has changed in the engine power output in relation to the throttle. E.g. taxi power is much slower. For the joystick: For roll and pitch Deadzone 0 Saturation X 100 Saturation Y 100 Curvature 20 For the rudder: I use the MFG crosswind. Deadzone 5 Saturation X 100 Saturation Y 100 Curvature 30 The Viggen rudder is very sensitive,hence the curvature set to 30 and the deadzone set to 5. I am wondering: does anyone use the 'User curve' feature? If so, what are the values you're using? And does anyone use values other than 100 when it comes to saturation ?
  11. Edit: Problem fixed after a second repair attempt. Hi, DCS is installed on my SSD. But for the maps, I linked a folder on my HDD. It works perfectly with all the maps except Caucasus because I mistakenly deleted that map folder in Mods/Terrain. I cannot download it again so I copied it from my old computer back to the same folder where it used to be (HDD). Now when I start DCS, I get this message: Can anyone help me with fixing it? I'd like to fly on the Caucasus map and cannot.
  12. And also if possible can we manually set the Bx6 through 9 waypoints for the AI, it would be great!
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