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  1. Congratulations to the team on this map, it really is something special. All things considered and considering the detail, it's not frame rate heavy for my rather creaky system. One issue I have noticed during Mission building, large aircraft won't park on the main dispersal (E) at Mount Pleasant. They will only use the remote stands (T). Certainly the A330 use it and even 747s have used it historically. I've played with wing sizes on mod aircraft and make them use it, so I guess it's a size restriction but the main dispersal is there primarily for large aircraft in the real world.
  2. I had a similar problem with same with SP; it was defaulting to Air Mexico in the game. In my case It was linked to me having changed another option like country after selecting the livery, so I had to go back in to the ME and change it back. Not sure if it's the same as your MP issue but hope it helps.
  3. This was in the end fixed by the Supercarrier. No idea why, it just started working fine even with the heavier workload on the computer. I haven't been back to Stennis since in MP.
  4. Absolutely awesome. Now I'm gonna dream about this thing:helpsmilie:
  5. Outstanding. . Thanks for all the work Blue73
  6. Blue73, this is a real gift! does this reply count as demand enough? I'm holding off butchering my 8 pos 45 degree to incorporate a push button. Thanks for all these beautiful stl's, a i:1 gear would be the icing on the cake:)
  7. OK so I reloaded everything in saved games and started again. This time I managed to get all the way to the groove seconds before touchdown on the carrier (Stennis-F/A-18C)and it froze again. Multiplayer again and no other problems. Unfortunately I jumped back in as the LSO so I don't have the most recent Log file. I'll definitely get it next time though.
  8. This looks interesting: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=238291&page=6 I know it's not the Bae Hawk but you can do some skins and land it on a deck!
  9. Yes, the Hawk. Perhaps I should have put the VEAO in front. It just pains me to write those four letters.
  10. Very disappointed to see the Hawk end up in the trash so coming across this that can be carrier landed is a fair few dreams coming true at once. Good luck with it and the other Mods in the making.
  11. Thanks BN, I used the .bat files in the root folder. I'll let you know how it goes next time I go up MP
  12. I seem to get freezes when we head back to the carrier in form. Returning to land seems to work fine. It doesn't make any difference how long we've been up but I freeze for a few seconds, then back to the UI screen. Annoying after a long mission. Repair found nothing missing Log attached. dcs.log.old.txt
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