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  1. Believe it or not that worked! FINALLY. Thanks everyone for the help...now hope it adds to the fun!
  3. There is no LOG folder in my openbeta folder it'd in the DCS folder dcs.log VAICOMPRO.log va_event_log.txt
  4. Unless anyone can help me I am going to request a refund. VA seems to work fine it's VAICOM that isn't working from what I can tell
  5. I honestly don't remember but it wasn't that hard.
  6. How do I turn on "debug"? Where is the DCS Log you are speaking?
  7. The one in the registry is the F/saved games; the new one that DCS is pointing to as well
  8. I don't think it's using the old one anymore. I just renamed it and pointed the missions etc to the newer one on F
  9. Not sure of the date because I deleted it while trying to get it to work.
  10. Yes I do have 2 "SAVED GAMES" folders and both have the exportLUA. One is on C drive and I haven't got rid of it yet.
  11. I don't have that folder either nor do I have the Kneeboard addon. Not sure that is relevant. I'm ready to get a refund unless someone knows a fix. I spent all day yesterday trying to get this fixed.
  12. Hi I just bought this but the commands work in VA but not in game and the PTT screen blinks BCN and no modules there. I deleted the export.lua, claened and repaired DCS, set a custom path and registry fix and the registry is pointing to the right drive. PS running 2.7 beta Please help I feel I just wasted this money... VAICOM PRO logfile Plugin version (release) License: PRO Executing automatic lua code installation. DCS World version 2.5 not found. Using custom install path for 2.5 OpenBeta Install path = G:\DCS World Saved Games folder = F:\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta Reset: Export.lua Reset: VAICOMPRO.export.lua Reset: RadioCommandDialogsPanel.lua Reset: speech.lua Reset: common.lua Reset: TabSheetBar.lua Reset: gameMessages.lua 7/7 DCS-side files were updated. DCS World version STEAM not found. Checking VA profile. Loading keywords database... Writing updates. Success. Loading F10 menu items... Success. Updating aliases.. Done. Adding 0 imported ATC aliases. Adding 0 imported menu commands. Building master keywords table... Success. Building kneeboard tables... Success. Building master labels table... Success. No new DCS modules to import. Adding themepack collections Adding chatter resources.. Default Resources added. Chatter initialized. Startup finished. Ready for commands. Updating settings Updating settings Updating settings Updating settings
  13. Switching to non FS solved the crashing so far. 6 consecutive missions and all clear
  14. Here is my info for comparison DxDiag.txt
  15. I'm having the "second Load crash" as well. Even happens when looking at replay track after a mission.
  16. I have the same issue non-steam. Random crashes usually loading or leaving a mission screen. Hard to play 2 continuous missions without a crash. 2.5 ran flawlessly
  17. Wow...It usually crashes coming in and out of menus and such but ive never been able to fly 2 continuous missions without a crash.
  18. Am I alone on this or are you all getting random crashes all the time?
  19. Agreed this really hampers some mission in multiplayer.
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