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  1. Oui nous avons Besoin d'un mirage qui fasse concurrence à tous ces F16, F/A-18, etc qui en sont, et pas des moindre, une technologie bien supérieure..... vous pouvez dial pendant des heures mais nous avons besoin que cette magnifique configuration A/S soit étendue. je comprends tout à fait ce post de aux-secours qui dénote de la frustration de certains aux manques de missiles à technologie bien plus supérieure dans le game. Ou alors lors des créations de missions, campagnes et mise en ligne serveur, il faudrait être plus attentif à une harmonisation des groupes utilisés (époque équivalente).
  2. Yes 2.7 Build only for Open beta in first time... Steam Stable version be waiting for update
  3. Hello, when is available ? Not start now in my apply ...
  4. Thanks !! You know were can i give a Ultra HD model ? 8k texture or 4K ? Thanks
  5. OMG ! Oki Thx i try whith new i'm not expert but i give this from Template texture DCS official site
  6. Hello, I make a F18 Skin, but i don't understand Why not Working in game .... Anyone can help me PLZZZZ ?! it's my first try .... The link are here, because >5Mo https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7tu0boq09etii9/Tiger-Jarrod-SKIN.zip?dl=0 Thanks
  7. Re hellow! Thanks a lot !!!! but in waitting I workin in base FA/18-C template Tiger meet make hand, But not working in DCS ... why ? Link dropbox to my template work. I don't know why can't display apply to model.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7tu0boq09etii9/Tiger-Jarrod-SKIN.zip?dl=0 Thanks for share and Help :§
  8. Hello ! Plz wanted : Skin tiger striped: i don't know how can i do for make this Thankssss !!!!
  9. How reset the TGP to to bore-sight.?????.......ahhhhh.......problem is that VVSL only when undesignated..with S NWS...will undesignate/then VVSLV will be active? Thanks!! No, Not working Tpod since last update .... waitting for us... but never say in any time... team are not motivated , ED community post every report bug but seem again not working.
  10. All TGP unfunctionnaly .... ATRK, PTRK, Cross for moving target, 180°view, VVSL not operational... etc... Nice Job Team !!! You testing patch before ? plz make good correctif... !!!!
  11. A few week ago working "correctly".... LoL nothing have soluce ?
  12. Hello Pb 180° Tpod just looks 180 degrees back whenever I try to recenter.Before Update workly good with ''S'' Bind key And VVSL But Disapear !!! Impossible to Go noise WTF !GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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