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  1. *Saunters into bar. Looks around while half the crowd leaves and some new rough fellows enter. Grabs a stool* Riddle me this, bartender. If it is called stable, why is it so buggy?
  2. I just can't wait for the AG Radar so that I can turn it on once, determine it sucks compared to the targeting pod, and then immediately start pining for the next unimplemented feature that prevents me from enjoying the Hornet. What'll it be? I was thinking the training bombs on that list is a good candidate...
  3. Can we take all the good parts of beta and update stable with them? If it's OK, just go ahead and leave all the bugs in beta. Thanks.
  4. I heard that Vulkan, Hornet ground radar, and the dynamic campaign were expected to land next week. Can't wait!
  5. Wouldn't the heat difference against the sky be much more than against the ground?
  6. Nice of you to respond to that post. I almost wish you hadn't. "The Customer is Always Right" can always be offset with "We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service". Ironically, the complaint in that post was about "communication". The internet has done so much damage to the idea of respecting other people. Anonymity has done society no favors.
  7. Well you could always set yourself to invincible and pretend that it's training if you are worried about realism cred.
  8. I had none of them yesterday. Now I have them all! Bwahahaha!
  9. Awhile back they added a "super" level zoom for VR that is close to the 2d version. It's in the UI portion of controls. Makes a world of difference.
  10. All I know is if I am in a life or death struggle one on one, I'd gladly trade a bit of airframe damage if it leads to a win vs. death.
  11. Try turning your gamma down. I had mine at 2 with the previous version and everything was way too much. I turned it to 1 and everything is looking so dang sweet! This will probably force me to learn the lighting controls in the cockpits though to turn them down. Never had the need before.
  12. Probably because the title of the thread is "RWR notification ridiculous". There are other, more respectful ways to report bugs and point out flaws.
  13. Just wanted to add that I am thoroughly enjoying the back and forth between @someone and @aurelius. They each make fine arguments and I find myself nodding along as I read them. My judgement of who is the fraud and what is real keeps ping-ponging back and forth. I could probably dig deeper, check out the website, etc. but most people wouldn't, and this is a great example showing how information found on the internet can't be trusted. It also highlights that smart arguments are convincing. What a dangerous combination, exploited especially by politicians. What ever will we do as a society? We need lie detectors on our laptops with sources requiring their use while posting.
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