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  1. When I have the focus on let's say right DDI and I use Velocity Vector Slaved pointing method. When I press the designate I do not see the targeting pod cue going to that point on HUD and further more if I pan the cursor on the DDI, the cue does not follow on HUD, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong. It seems to be impossible to relate where the target pod is looking at when looking out of the cockpit. Shouldn't it be also visible on HMD? Somehow the A-10 is seriously better in this regard, but maybe I am setting it all up in a wrong manner...?
  2. I flew the first missions and I got the code for the next one. I did not get a proper screenshot for all the details, but I would see it this way. For me SEAD, Trimmer and Fish CAP over Alpha? and Bravo. Hooters and Pickles also SEAD. Target coordinates 42 34' 57.76278"N 41 51'05.82007"E - it seems to be a bridge north of Zugdidi or so... So I started, I dragged my WP2 over that bridge. Apparently I can not change the assignment here in mission editor, but I selected the armament according to that list. So I think I got everything right on the deck and we got launched. I flew towards WP2 but I never got anything from SAMs, so I could not hit anything. There were red troops on that bridge, I do not know what they were but they did not want to shoot me. Flying around I got some handheld SAMs after me but that's that. Not once RWR from SAM. At some point my wingman got creased by a handheld as I was mooching around on deck and I then quit the mission because it was a road to nowhere. What did I do wrong? Should I have taken just some MAVs instead of HARMs and blasted, whatever was there on the bridge to bits? Does this campaign work properly? I saw some disturbing posts, for example like SAMs not shooting, depending on update, but the posts go almost a year back?
  3. Yeah, that is not really the point. If the F/A-18 sensoric suite is able to place that HARM box in the HUD over the emitter, it should be very well in a position to point the targeting pod into that same location as a target. I am wondering whether the feature is there in the real life, just not implemented by ED or whether it is there but I am not just able to find it, or if it is not there because it is not there even in the real life.
  4. I am playing Raven One campaign (yes could have asked on that forum too, but the question is rather general). In the mission one is supposed to check the HARM target with FLIR. Now, I can aim the HARM and all of that but once I have the SAM locked in HARM the FLIR is still looking God knows where and does not follow my lock. Is it possible at all, I would assume that that kind of sensor integration is implemented and it works with AA weapons as well, but HARM so far no luck...
  5. Well the title says it all. The brightness does not adjust at least with the rotary on that panel. It is rather irritating when flying with NVG...is there any workaround or some night option for the display?
  6. I am just playing the Raven One campaign and on my last mission I was directed to a surface target given in relation to bullseye. I was then messing around with the SA page and cursor but could not really do much good with it. I have now watched couple of videos and stuff and I am left with couple of questions. -Is there any easy way to create a markpoint or waypoint offset to the bullseye, so that I can navigate there? -Is there no "TDC depress" functionality in SA-page? Like hooking up in A-10? Can I not for example select a contact from SA page and have it also designated on the A/A Radar? -Is there no way to obtain for instance altitude information from datalink contacts?
  7. I made the modifications manually as well and then the mission worked just fine. Thanks for sharing the trigger fix...
  8. I was thinking about programming a keysequence that will engage autopilot using the Warthog HOTAS. As far as I can see the autopilot is controlled by UTC, so I was wondering if there was a way to define a keypress sequence that goes for ALT, ALT/HDG or PATH. not sure how changing the modes works, if I am let's say in ALT and switch to ALT/HDG, it would probably disengage the ALT option in autopilot panel? So I probably need to start each sequence with disengage AP, AP Button on UTC and then select the options? Did anybody do this so far? I am not convinced that HSEL replicates the real Hornet, not that I have so many hours on the real Hornet, but it feels counter intuitive that I need to set a heading before engaging HSEL. I would really expect it to use current course, unless set to something else, who would want to fly north as a default? It is almost as if I have Altitude Hold and AP will set the target altitude to 0 unless I set it before engaging... Also seems that I can not use UTC to tip in the values (unless I first use the the HDG switch with a longer press - there I get a HSEL option which I can tip in), for altitude there does not seem to be any option to tip in anything, it seems contrary to the whole purpose of using UTC for the autopilot in the first place...is it certain that this is the way it is in real Hornet? It would really turn me off from buying one and I would consider a M2000C instead.
  9. So what about the priority numbers? Of course I can use the button to switch on and off the datapoint tracks on TID, but how do I perform my attack most effectively then? Switch back and forth, ensure that I see them, switch the datalink off and start shooting? Somehow that does not make sense? Apparently the DL tracks are upsidedown symbols but shouldn't I still get a prioritization between the rightsideup symbols at least (well this question stands)? Yesterday, I hooked singular targets from the TID and blasted away and I even hit some, but they certainly did not have the priority numbers on them at that moment and I had contacts showing on DDD, I just can not be sure if it was them, as there were quite a few contacts on that mission. I'll need to pay attention to the symbols when I fly the mission again today. BTW, shouldn't I get a P STT or PD STT lock also from a datapoint track by hooking it and pushing the respective button, the system knows where to point the antenna (unless the contact is in a filter)? Similarly I would expect TWS auto to point the antenna to the direction if I hook a DL track, so that I get my own radar contact? Is it then more recommendable to use the TWS manual initially and only switch to auto after establishing contacts?
  10. I have been playing with F-14B every now and then. I now started with cage the bear campaign and got rather confused during the first mission. I already played the F-14 red flag campaign, but apparently it did not require that much knowledge as the cage the bear campaign. Firstly, I tuned in the datalink and I think that I get quite a few contacts displayed through the datalink without "seeing" myself them on the radar. In that case of a datalink contact I am not sure if I can launch them. The module has developed quite a bit so not all of the tutorials are very accurate. Somewhere during the mission I wanted to launch a salvo of AIM-54s but I could not see any priority numbers on the contacts? Was this again due to the datalink nature of those contacts or did I have a wrong radar mode, at that time I was in TWS Auto... Also I am not sure about the IFF. At times it works with the TWS (I think), when pressing the IFF and the radar is doing the sweep and at times it does not seem to work - well it seems that the TWS can see them but once I press the IFF, the contacts disappear and will not "blip" - I reckon it is different type of radarmode, as it shows the stuff in ranges instead of closures. Is there a way to select a contact on TID and make the DDD lock on that contact, let's say in PD STT or so? I am also missing all kinds of indications about the probability of a hit on TWS mode and going for the RIO sixshooter? Well I have plenty of more questions but those were few that came into my mind after playing the mission, crashing on the carrier and debriefing myself on what just happened during the mission. It is way more harder than the red flag missions. Maybe I should just fly around and stay out of RIO's seat and not try to do two jobs at the same time.
  11. Yeah, well I have always been a Bf-109 kind of guy, I rather have K-4 than none, but I dislike sims preferring to bring out exotic variants like K-4 for the online arenas and completely ignore historical mainstays. I would prefer to see F-4 or G-6 in the game. FW-190 D-9 and A-8 fit the bill better by being more standard late war types, without being too ueber with too much steroids. Nevertheless, the K-4 feels pretty well done and also here you have the excellent campaign from Reflected - would just feel more historical with Gustav. I hope there are more to follow I really would not mind a Dora campaign from them. So if I measure the modules by the time they kept me occupied and happy I am happier with K-4 and A-8 and D-9 was more or less wasted money, although I think I got it dirt cheap in some sales action.
  12. Depends what you want to do. If you are offline player for Dora there is only the boring stock campaign. For A-8 there is at least the Horrido campaign from Reflected. So far I have only played few missions - I like it very much so far, I already played their Bf-109 campaign which was excellent, so I am putting high hopes on this one too. I am not sure how finished they are. I have not looked at the Dora for a long time, the ground handling at that time was quirky and very doubtful, the A-8 at the current state feels an accurate replication of the accounts I have read about Focke-Wulf, maybe they did some fixes meanwhile on Dora too.
  13. Hard to say. I had this feeling that my old Odyssey+ was actually heavier on my hardware than Reverb G1. Simply because I had to use much more pixel density for Samsung. With Reverb I have no pixel density and stuff. So it would be a simple matter of ordering one and trying it out. If it does not turn out well return it within the 14 days...BTW, I have 1080ti
  14. Well I guess, powering down is the reversal from powering up. So in this sense the last thing to plug in was the power, I would assume that powering down starts also from pulling the power plug? At least at that moment the headset "disconnects" - if it is powered up, it is irritating as, for example, the sound is directed to the headset. I also saw some discussions where people had some powershell scripts two disable the USB port which holds the Reverb...with G1 I got kind of used to disconnecting it. The connector and the cable sucked, but principally it was a good feature. Well I still need to test the G2 before I decide if it is a keeper, I have not sold my G1 yet...
  15. My concern is that I recall reading about sunlight potentially damaging the "screens" of VR goggles. The second thing about leaving it powered on is the heat, but these do not really seem to be issues...
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