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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a bug with the current TPOD logic : You can go to SNWPLW or HUD DES via NWS presses but cannot designate back to TPOD DES, you'll get stuck in SNWPLW or HUD DES, out of the TPOD HOTAS mode, unable to slew or designate. To go back to TPOD DES, you must at this moment double press the SSdown button to re-enter the TPOD HOTAS mode. (Which is incorrect) We're working on solving that as quickly as possible, sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hello, Could you provide a screenshot of your instrument panel when having the issue ?
  3. The other two issues are already in our internal tracker, they will get worked on.
  4. We've already bumped ED on this, they haven't been giving any news since. I'll see if we can ask for an update
  5. Not for now, we're working on the TPOD bugs
  6. Hello, That's a known issue, we're working on it. Cheers, Alpha Juliet
  7. I'm noting this in case the issue appears for someone else
  8. Reporting the issue, thanks for the heads up. Cheers, A.J.
  9. Should be fixed; give me a heads up if not
  10. Hey, You can use the LIM feature of the EW page to do what you described. Cheers, A.J.
  11. Hello, This is indeed not implemented yet, I'm adding it to the list . Thanks for the report, and cheers ! A.J.
  12. Damn. I'll report it again. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Hello, Issue reported, thanks for the Track ! Cheers A.J.
  14. Does the reticule still goes on the emitter of the sams ? Sounds like this is a different issue than what's been discussed in this thread, may be easier for me to follow if we make a new report.
  15. Are you uncaging the seekerhead ?
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