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  1. FWIW I've has this exact same issue for months, can't find a fix. Tried the same troubleshooting steps as OP. It makes testing many things impossible.
  2. More evidence that Top Gun was a documentary, not a movie.
  3. Have you put any personal effort into finding out? Would you even bother to test or notice a FM change without me telling you it happened? Personal initiative and curiosity are good things. Also: Comparing performance among two aircraft in DCS is a fool's errand unless you know for sure one aircraft's performance is 100% correct. This is extremely unlikely.
  4. Sorry I can't give a timeline, it will be done when it's done and depends greatly on the demands on my free time to work on it. The overall changes won't be significant either, it's already very close. Not really something to get hung up about waiting on.
  5. The differences between those TF30 subvariants aren't large enough to justify the development effort, you wouldn't really be able to notice much had changed between them in the blocks we're modeling.
  6. Not coming this patch, I've had my day job and real life things taking up most of my time lately, sorry!
  7. Yeah I was about to say...wind is not a factor in the rudder code anywhere. Any "involuntary" movement of the rudder is almost certainly the Yaw SAS.
  8. https://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/cockpit.html#afcs-control-panel In case you're not aware, there's an AFCS panel on the left side of the cockpit. Note the labels on the AFCS panel...
  9. Yeah, it should be one of the last handling updates other than maybe some higher AOA handling stuff (wing rock). Next update should make landing config a bit easier to fly. The rest of the updates will just be performance tweaks for the most part.
  10. Not until at least 1-2 updates after the new year. Been too busy with real life things and other things that I can't discuss without getting banned here . There is a minor FM update that's been queued for release for like 5-6 weeks but it hasn't made it out yet as far as I know...hopefully it comes out with the next patch.
  11. There's no reason to be testing stuff right now, wait til we let you know the FM is done or close enough in certain regimes to test... Better yet, I'll test things and post results here when I have the time. Just about the only thing I'd test right now is level flight acceleration and top speed, which is an indicator of excess power (Ps), but even that is being refined to be closer. After that, more tuning will be done to get sustained turns closer. Then we'll check climbs and all kinds of other stuff...
  12. It definitely worked at some point, I personally developed it and tested it. Haven't touched it since but it's possible some other change could've broken it...
  13. Based on the timing I want to say tomorrow or Friday but not totally sure...
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