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  1. The fact that the surrounding basket has no collision value annoys the hell out of me! It is difficult enough - why make it harder than in RL by not having a WORKING BASKET! Ruins AAR for me every time!
  2. Just an update for anyone else with similar issues. - For me I found out exactly what it was!!!! I have the WinWing Panels and the entry that the SimAppPro puts in the Scripts/Export.Lua was causing the massive CPU hit. Commenting these out in the export.lua file (--) immediately resolved the issue! I can reintroduce it by "uncommenting" them so I have 100% evidence that this is what was causing the issue! The WinWing export.lua script issue is documented here. Thank god - with this and the OpenXR ( VR without steam VR) I can now fly VR buttery smooth! .
  3. Hey RVL - glad you got it sorted mate
  4. Cool - I just edited the LUA for F18 and works a treat! \Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\TEWS\device\CMDS_ALE47..Lua
  5. Is there anyway to set CM programs in mission editor or do you have config them everytime?
  6. Bit of a Noob question even though I have been playing DCS for years....I have never fully understood when the Enemy is getting RWR alerts. i.e. When do they get a "symbol" showing me. When do they know I am "scanning them" - RWS, LTWS, TWS etc When do they get a Lock alert ...Only in STT? Does this vary from between RWR systems?
  7. Have tried that and just used the in game FPS counter ....no change really. I only used FPSVR to check where the bottleneck was and show frametimes etc. I am stumped ...guess its 2D and hope engine changes fix it ;( The issue I have is that I see others with similar systems getting much better performance.. The fact that reducing DCS settings / SS and PD to the lowest possible settings has no effect ...says there is something fundamentally wrong somewhere. I just wish I could find it.
  8. So no count in manual mode. Guess I can alway just flip it back to check . thanks for confirming
  9. I cant seem to show the Countermeasure quantity on the SA page in dispenser Bypass mode (Manual)? Any Ideas?
  10. Thanks Man, I hadnt tried but have now along with the "stilt" PBO settings . Some boost elesewhere but DCS ..no better .... actually worse ;/
  11. Fingers crossed. Good Luck. Let us know.
  12. Looks like the GPU is the bottleneck for you. (Mine is CPU). What is the PD set at in DCS? should be 1 ideally. Also have you tried throttling back the GPU related settings (Shows GPU or CPU impact in tooltip now which is good) - Any impact?
  13. Doesn't have any effect mate. As I mentioned I have the PD set to 0.5 and it still doesn't stop CPU frame spike , locked frames or stutters! It doesn't get any better or different if its on SS100 or 1 ! Yes already tried it im afraid .. no effect. thanks but already tried all the shader mods as per OP
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