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  1. I am pretty sure you didn't, since I know what I posted now for few years, including stuff you were asking about. So ether put the time or don't complain. Manuals are out there, you just need to put the time in to find them. And in current climate not body is send them that easy.
  2. All on this topic, you just have to go pages back...
  3. There are MiG-29 manuals available with charts for R-27ER, the one from the manual has been posted on this forums multiple times. Also you are missreading the chart as R-27 aero/range, but is chart to give pilot idea when to expect 'PR'. Also CFD of AoA 0' helps, but isn't the magic bullit, since its been performace/speed loss when turning that was the issue before, not the streight line one. But I think we all agree all A to A missiles need to be done in the same way and same level of modelling. Hopefully soon.
  4. There was a look down bug effecting all FC3 aircraft, meaning that low alt penalty would climb with the aircraft, which got fixed while ago... so look down performance is better for all FC3 aircraft
  5. R1 is 90 km. R1 is not the same as Rmax since there are engineering safety include into calculations, like wind, trigger passing speed, temperature, hit probability etc... Also some pilots stated that missiles should be able to pull 3g for more then few seconds pass R1... That is why Rmax > R1...
  6. You are using Rmax wrong... it is R1 and R2 ranges in Russian manuals.... so Rmax not necessarily equal R1... especially since manual instruct pilot to fire R1 which would be exceptionally low probably shot if Rmax = R1.
  7. Another launch video with parameters in hud shot
  8. X-31 launch... from cockpit...
  9. NWS/Lock button works only with Flaps up. so Flaps up, hold and it will turn well
  10. Can you give exact stats and load so I can cross check? Thank you!
  11. Yeah that would be good to have it... I did list it few years ago in my list: As you see, some of the stuff did get fixed... but I think this is one a bit more major, so I am not sure how much ED is willing to spend time on FC3.
  12. Unfortunately no, I but most of the new stuff was rehashes in to a upgrade package of existing 29's into SMT standard as cheaper option... In a way SMT was downgrade from 9.15 M that could be applied to exiting aircraft
  13. The picture is from the Yugo MiG-29, so export 9.12b, the pictures of the HUD are 9.13C as far as I can tell. The both version of Su-27 I have are completely missing info on engaging Jamming targets (I guess it is limited not to give info on ECM and ECCM stuff). Also, worth noting that in the MiG-29 manual the AP indication isn't noted or mentioned in STT part (Combat Employment)... only stressed out and noted in the Engaging jamming targets part of the manual as important.
  14. you are looking at the wrong section... you need the appendix of engaging jamming target...
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