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  1. Would be so great to get the NVG goggles working again for moonless nights. I used to love flying the DCS F/A 18 from Nellis to Cree AFB on a moonless night, but it can no longer be accomplishted via VFR. I hope DCS prioritizes restoring what used to work. I agree about the improving the NTTR lighting.
  2. Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK) VOR location on DCS map is way off, and can't be used for navigation. Please move the OMRK VOR location to be where it is actually located, near the runway.
  3. I have an Odyssey VR headset and a Dell 2K monitor I run concurrently. If I reduce the monitor resolution, would that decrease the load on the Nvidia graphics card enough to get better VR headset performance?
  4. I got a seat from Andre last week. Russia to California in about a week using the DHL shipping option. https://simshaker.com/hardware/jetpad/
  5. Andre - Thanks for the help, the SSA was hiding in the system tray. All good now, I modified the SSA settings for the DCS F/A 18 and they worked when flying the sim. Thanks again for your help....Will
  6. I just got the JetPad and can get the sensors vibrating in the DCS F/A 18 and get vibrations when dropping the gear, less vibrations upon takeoff, etc. I see a Gametrix column in the DCS World control tab, alongside by stick - rudder - throttle - keyboard columns. I understand that I should be able to customize settings in SSA. But when I click on the SSA shortcut on my desktop, it opens for a fraction of a second and then disappears. I do get the Seat Handler window that has the box I can check to indicate use my own .UWV files (not sure what .UWV files are). I also get a Microsoft.net framework error, "only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network/port) is normally permitted". I've read most entries in this blog, and watched YouTube videos and can not seem to figure out how to fix this problem. At this point, I feel like the despairing pilot saying "out of altitude, airspeed, and ideas". Any ideas to fix the problem, or good next steps?
  7. Bug is still there, right? I hope fixing what used to work is a priority.
  8. WS

    SOLD: PointCTRL

    What hand tracking device did you switch to?
  9. Here is the same view from the cockpit of Nellis Control Tower - day & NVG - PLEASE FIX
  10. Yes I agree, I liked how the labels on/off worked before. Now I have to use the keyboard command twice to get the labels off my F/A 18.
  11. Can hardly wait for DCS to restore NVG like how it was before DCS OB 2.7. I like to fly from Nellis to Creech, low level at night, or from Nellis, over Hoover Dam and under the bridge and through the canyon and land at the Laughlin Airport, just can't do it now. Hopefully DCS is giving high priority to fix functionality that used to work well.
  12. Flappie - I am familiar with the Steam window you show. Have you been able to change the "F12" Stream Screenshot shortcut key to "SysRQ" or "PRT SCRN" ? I could not. Please let me know if you could. Here is my take, am I missing anything? The problem with Steam is it won't let a DCS User to change from F12 to “SysRQ, or “PRT SCRN” (which is what DCS F/A 18 flight sim needs to take a screenshot). I could change the Steam's "F12" to "P" for example, but not to "SysRQ" or "PRT SCRN". The keyboard command "F12" in DCS F/A18 triggers a view to be shown, not a screenshot. My workaround for Steam not being able to take DCS F/A 18 screenshots is to remove the "F12" in Steam field you show, and replace it with "NONE", and uncheck "Display a Notification" and uncheck "play a sound", so I can get DCS F/A flight sim screenshots on my hard drive using the "PRT SCRN" keyboard command. Thanks...Will
  13. Flappie - I experimented and figured it out... I can get screenshots to accumulate at C:users/user name/saved games/screenshots The F/A 18 keyboard control (as shown in the keyboard column of the DCS Controls page) for taking screenshots is “SysRQ”, which for my Alienware keyboard is apparently the same as “PRT SCRN” I programmed Voice Attack to take a screenshot using the "PRT SCRN" button and say “click” when I say “screenshot”. What threw me off was that Steam would not let me change their default of “F12” to “PRT SCRN”, but that is okay… I have a way to save DCS screenshots now, works for me.
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