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  1. The original R530 is pretty much late 1950's / early 1960's tech, while the R-23 was 60's-70's, so in theory, it should be worse, but a lot of variables could change that. Don't know either one of these missiles too well, but i'd hazard a guess the 530 is worse The super 530 D we have on the M2000 is a really really good missile if you get into range. the R530 will struggle with hitting fighters, being meant mostly for bombers, so even under perfect conditions, if the target defends properly, the missile is likely to miss I also feel it's necessary to take what i said with a grain of salt, i don't know much about the R530 specifically
  2. I was under the impression slaving radar to TCS already works, tho i m not sure if you can acquire classic locks from it, instead of just flooding the target with your radar
  3. FC3 is a good place to go from the Froggy, but I'd say hold off on CA and maps CA is kind of a mess rn, and is most useful when doing GCI, which is a completely different thing to actually flying, and on most servers can be done without CA, either via spectators spot, or just the fact that everything is visible. Add LotATC to the mix, and CA is really not a priority. As for maps, most of the MP servers are still on Caucasus, simply because everyone has it, and it's a good map, with a lot of different terrain. Unless you wanna play on this specific part of the world, i wouldnt recommend it as 1st module. Mi-8 is a really high quality module. Some users have said it looks a bit dated, which, to be fair, isnt entirely false, but considering it's a few years old now, and there's cockpit mods/ skins to fix it, with well done FM, DM and systems, it's a solid module. However, it's not amazing at combat, so be prepared for that. You have no guided weapons in your arsenal, which means anything with a radar guided AAA is a challange. I can also tell you to *not* buy the MiG-21. The FM is a joke rn, with the plane basically never stalling, and retaining lift at speeds as low as 100kt. spend that money elsewhere, and save yourself the disappointment The M2000 is a solid choice, with well modeled systems and FM, however, it's combat capabilities are limited, as the plane has no fox-3's or self guided A/G, with GBU-12 being the only guided A/G option, which has to be buddy lased. Great interceptor tho, and amazing high alt performance. As mentioned before, F-16 and F/A-18 are very solid choices, with the 16 having more speed than the 18, but the hornet gets the naval ops, which is great, if you like it. I'll also second the opinion that you should try whatever module you pick with the 2 week trial, and see if it's really what you want. I'd personally recommend the following planes on a scale of A/G -> A/A: A-10C (hard to learn! amazing A/G!. Only AIM-9 for A/A!) -> F/A-18C -> F-16 -> F-15 (very easy to learn, no A/G!)
  4. This is a decent example. It's still not fixed, or even properly addressed/acknowledged afaik, despite the thread being old and somewhat sizeable.
  5. There's an IFF unit in the plane, but it's function is to make sure you show up as friendly to others. If you want to IFF something, you've got to rely on the good old mk1 eyeball
  6. I m willing to bet implementing the HB 3D model before the module is out, is probably going to be more complicated than "just replace the AI model". Yes, old model really needs a replacement Yes, i'd love to see a new model for it Yes, i agree this would be great But i somehow doubt it's gonna happend Idk, i hope i m wrong and it gets implemented as AI the moment it's ready
  7. I don't think jester ever refers to himself in 3rd person, not afaik. But changing the callsign would imply a different person (well, AI in this case) is sitting in the back of the plane, hence the connection to re-recording the lines.
  8. tbh, considering how many lines were recorded for jester, changing that alone would be a *huge* effort on HB's part, and honestly, somewhat unnecessary. Jester will do fine imo.
  9. While i low-key agree that the delays slow down the hype, i will say that i m glad they're taking their time, instead of releasing a buggy, unfinished mess on predicted time. I'd rather have the devs stick to their quality requirements, than arbitrary deadlines. It usually makes for a lot better experience on release on release, even if that release has to be pushed back. Of course, there are limits to this (Take the F-15E from RAZBAM being developed for *years*), but i wouldnt say we're past those yet.
  10. So here's the thing When starting an engagement, you can always choose which sensors to use. For BVR, Radar and IRST are mutually exclusive, giving you one, or the other display, but once you've locked on, or have switched to a BFM mode (HMD, bore, vertical scan), you can use both sensors at the same time, as well as both You can see which sensors are active on the left side of the HUD (In english avionics - RL: Radar, EO: Electro Opitcal IRST This means you can use both radar and IRST if you wish, but you can also use just one of them, in any mode As for the warnings, as mentioned before, RWR only deals with radar, so as long as you only use IRST and IR missiles, you will not be warning your target by RWR.
  11. Tickling people to death
  12. Well, not really, no. A video of a dogfight, which heavily depends on the pilots, and other circumstances, and a few comments has basically close to 0 objective facts in the mix. Sure, you can maybe get a rough idea of how an aircraft performs if you *know* both pilots are of roughly equal skill, but other than that, it's pretty useless. In order to change the FM, you *need* facts. How much to adjust each parameter. "FM is way off" or "mig lose, really?!?" gives you exactly none of that data. Sorry man, but this just does not contribute in a tangible way
  13. I'd be happy if we get the exocet, but harpoons are a no-no. Never operated on the aircaft (afaik). As for mine laying, yeah, unlikely. I m gonna remain optimistic for the ASM's
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