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  1. Do you mean NumPad “.” to lock and NumPad “Num Lock” to unlock? Or am I misunderstanding the camera view?
  2. The track replay reproduces the changing view whether using head tracking devices, the mouse, or anything else UNLESS you change the view that was originally recorded. Once you do, all views—whether inside or outside the cockpit—are now under your direct control. The cockpit view will only look center forward unless you change it.
  3. Yes, you can. I do it frequently to change the time of day, cloud cover, add eye candy, or extra units. While in the ME, use the Open File button. Change the file type to TRK. Locate and load the track file into the ME. Make your changes. Save the file. When saving, make sure that you have the type set to TRK. Otherwise it’ll be saved as a mission file.
  4. There are plenty of those. Just not with the air brake extended…
  5. I guess your reference to TIR in the title is a bit misleading, since that isn’t what you’re using. Open Track is evidently not an equivalent to TIR, since TIR doesn’t present this issue. Paused, I can use any other method of panning that I choose. There was another fairly recent thread about your issue floating around the forum somewhere. IIRC, no solution for Open Track was found.
  6. I use that combination a lot along with CTRL + and - to zoom in and out.
  7. Always fun to learn something new. Keeps life interesting, doesn’t it?
  8. Why not just use the NumPad “.” key to lock onto the aircraft (or whatever) while it’s in the field of view?
  9. The number on the TV display should be the slant range. The number on the HUD, I think, is the time remaining on the laser rangefinder.
  10. As already mentioned, the air brake will not extend with the landing gear extended in green real aircraft. This is by design. If this is the only time you have an issue, that is why. The MiG-29 is a very slick aircraft and you need to fly it accordingly. If making a straight in approach, your RPMs should be dialed back early and your speed brought down to approach speed before you start down the slope. Almost any turning approach is easier because you simply convert excess speed into Gs and don’t concern yourself with the air brake at all.
  11. Sure. Under your logon (3 bars in upper right corner) select “My activity streams”. You can configure what you’re looking for there.
  12. Correct as far as DCS models the interaction. That entire encounter was rather strange from start to finish. You initially got LA with the target more or less flanking in afterburner. He killed AB and turned into you and the LA remained. You were able to launch even though you shouldn’t have the authorization at that point. Finally, after you had turned away, you still had the target locked on radar even though he was to the rear your left wing.
  13. Yes, the problem is that you occasionally get launch permission from the radar prior to the the seeker itself locking the target. The radar should not be giving you launch permission because it has no idea if the seeker has a lock.
  14. In the past, they have been two completely separate systems. That may possibly be the intention going forward but it’s not there yet. And, currently, “light scattered” is the default static weather setting. So if it was currently set to use the static setting, you should have some clouds somewhere. EDIT: Just as a double-check I set static weather to one of the heavy overcast options. No difference.
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