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  1. This, of course, assumes that whatever you have DCS installed on lives in a place with cell service. My installation, for example, does not.
  2. So...what is the battery duration of the AIM-120C? EDIT: I just took a MiG-29 flight in your mission 2 and at no point did either AIM-120 go active. Not during the first max range launch, nor during the 2nd 20 km launch. Both missiles remained silent and missed. So I'm thinking the mission itself might be bugged for some reason. In some flights of my own making earlier this morning, every F-15C AIM-120 went active. EDIT 2: A TRK from a flight this morning. The AIM-120C continued maneuvering for 124 seconds more or less. So, if the battery life is modeled at all, it is modeled as much longer than you were thinking. Either that or this is yet another AIM-120 bug. New AI BVR 03.trk
  3. Two missiles in this track. Neither seemed to have any difficulty in following me. In reviewing the TRK it seems both should have, at the very, least damaged me. Both passed close aboard but neither exploded. Proximity fusing? AIM-120 Proximity.trk
  4. Oh, say it isn’t so! All those years wasted searching for it.
  5. Only the switches that were already animated. Depends on the aircraft and the switch. ED did some awhile back but not all.
  6. Caucasus Map: Lupshara River Valley up to Lake Ritsa. IIRC, the Terek Valley up from Vladikavkaz to Stepantsminda (Gregeti Trinity Church—google it for end point) is pretty interesting too.
  7. Tom Weiss died a few years ago and his brother (I believe) tried to keep it afloat for a bit. But the site is now defunct.
  8. Ahhh…now I understand what you’re trying to achieve.
  9. Well, there is what amounts to a “city” (about 450 bunkers along with numerous tunnels connecting them) under Tbilisi in RL. There are also passageways connecting them to the Tbilisi Airport and other above ground areas.
  10. I might be wrong (and often am) but isn’t that how cruise missiles work in RL? They are launched at a fixed set of coordinates (fire at point).
  11. Don’t know the mission but, assuming that medium and long range SAMs aren’t being used to protect 3 tanks, just stay above their max altitude—or at least don’t penetrate deep into their launch zone.
  12. Sometime that is true, while at other times not. And the “not” occurs frequently enough for me to think that it’s not what determines it. There are places where the taller wheat colored “grass” presents no problem as well. And yesterday I found an area with short grass that did not work unless you were close to a telephone pole.
  13. Not in the location you selected for your MiG-29, it can't. EDIT: That came out sounding a bit harsh. I think you may have been talking about the Su-27 in general. And, yes, it is generally more forgiving off roading than either the MiG-29 or Su-25 are.
  14. Have you actually counted? I haven't checked in Stable but, in Open Beta, each KMGU holds 8 canisters dispensing 12 bomblets each. The nomenclature might have changed but the number of submunitions remains the same.
  15. No one is missing the point. The fact is that the ground structure on the Caucasus map is inconsistent. That's the issue, not the aircraft. In some places you can roll easily. In others you can't. The same is true of the airbases. At some airbases you can off road, while at others you will get stuck if you move onto the grass. The attached mission file was a random location pick. I do wish, however, that ED would give us a way to firm up patches of ground in the ME for these types of sorties. EDIT: That would be most helpful for a number of reasons. MiG-29 Roadside Test.miz
  16. So much for my memory, I guess. I know I looked at it briefly, when it was first added but quickly stopped paying attention. I normally land according to airspeed & altitude over the markers and threshold.
  17. No. You are correct...at least where AB takeoffs are concerned. With NWS engaged, there is no push to either side. TRK attached. Su-27 NWS ENGAGED--AB.trk
  18. IIRC, the tick mark facing away from HUD center is the optimal touchdown AoA.
  19. Interesting. The only times I’ve noticed any drift with NWS disengaged are when I either 1) takeoff with full afterburner or 2) don’t wait for thrust to equalize prior to releasing the brakes during a full mil takeoff. In the former case, the longer you wait prior to releasing the brakes, the less of a nudge to one side or the other you experience. I’ve attached two TRKs. One for full mil takeoff and one for AB. I flew the full mil takeoff first. I then replayed the TRK and took control after NWS was set to disengaged. In theory, at least, that made the two lineups on the runway identical. In the full mil takeoff, the Flanker runs arrow straight down the runway prior to wheels up. In the AB takeoff, because the thrust wasn’t fully equalized prior to brake release, there’s an initial nudge to the right but not enough to move me off the runway prior to takeoff. At no point did I touch the rudder pedals during the takeoff roll in either TRK. If I get a chance later, I’ll try the AB takeoff with NWS engaged just to see what happens. Su-27 NW Steering Off--Full Mil.trk Su-27 NW Steering Off--AB.trk
  20. Not that it’s much help but I tried the tutorial this morning and everything worked as it should. So it is most likely not the tutorial itself at issue. The few times the key commands haven’t worked for me in the past, a reboot of my computer fixed the issue.
  21. As near as I can tell, neither weapon is designed for use against moving targets. The “T’s” manual notes that they were designed for use against heavily fortified targets such as command bunkers, etc. The Kh-29T’s warhead, for instance, is quite large and half the missile’s entire weight. The way it models the lock is a bit squirrelly, though. KC simply means it’s ground stabilized. AC is the lock notification. And, once the object is locked, both should attempt to follow it whether the target was appropriate for the weapon or not. Edit: But, since in ED’s mind these are used against fixed objects, they simplified things by having the “lock” made on a fixed point on the ground. If there is an object covering that point, it’s hit.
  22. How long do you wait after turning on power to start rolling? IIRC, you need to wait 3 (or is it 4?) minutes.
  23. Sorry about that. I suppose it could have had some sort of IR sensing added at some point (in real life) but I’ll observe that the Su-25T’s manual describes it as a “low light level TV targeting system”. That’s why you can see more with it at night under a full moon than a new moon…or that’s how it used to be. Haven’t used it recently and I’m 400 miles from my computer right now and unable to double check.
  24. Yes. He’s using the Mercury low light pod. It should only be amplifying visible light but ED has always modeled it as something like infrared.
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