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  1. You bring up a good point with MLC off. And at high altitude with long range launches, the AWG-9 being chaffable there would have a big implication for the first pass. About close distance. Heres the thing. What if the target is hot at a high speed and then breaks into the notch. The chaff pumped while it was hot will still be there outside the notch filter speed for a while. ESPECIALLY for a (DCS) AIM-120, which has a filter of only 5 m/s in some situations. Meaning that until the chaff has gone from mach1 to -> 5 m/s, it will be seen. How good that stuff is filtered out is another question. And how well certain jamming pods mess with that filtering. Or how the chaff is cut/designed. The same way flares have been continously improved/adapted (modern jets have "maneuvering flares", the old chaff from ww2 is not the same as that used in modern jets.
  2. In continuation of this thread: Is there any chance that we will get some guided weapons like laser guided bombs for JTAC/buddy-lasing or anti-radar/anti ship weapons? Maybe a KH-29T that can be slaved with a HUD? As far as i understand, purely technically speaking, all that would be easy to implement and some mods have already done so.
  3. AI fire the phoenix only in semi active homing mode with a PDSTT lock, where its pretty comparable to a sparrow. GS doesnt seem to be aware of it here. Always test the missiles, and do so with another player. Don't rely on some sort of empirical public server/PVE mission experience or borderline fake news videos (which unfortunately most of GS/GR content consists of).
  4. The Syrian Air Force uses MiG-29SM (Yes, the red side im DCS is equipped worse than Bashar Al Assad), which is mostly an 80s MiG-29S with the added ability to use some guided AG weapons. It uses them like the A-10A uses the mavericks, utilizing only the weapon seekers with no own TGP. Deka at some point discussed the possibility of things like KH-31, KH-29 and Laser guided bombs on the J-11A. But that was before they started focusing fully on the JF-17. If ED ever touches FC3 again, it would be cool to have a MiG-29K variant introduced for proper carrier ops, which are currently not possible with the soviet old Su-33. An upgraded flanker variant for ground multirole ops would always be welcome too. Lets say one of those exported to the indians or chinese in the mid 2000s.
  5. On the topic of the actual thread and the original post. Not that Heatblur cares, they do what they want. The complaint brought up by Blackpixxel persists, the close phoenix-A is still infinitely harder to survive than a close 1970s sparrow and much harder than a 1980s/1990s sparrow. Furthermore, as Dundun pointed out earlier, Heatblur did something unknown a few months ago that made AIM-54 reaquire notching and chaffing targets constantly. Ever noticed your AIM-54 snaking back and forth every 0.5s on a target thats attempting to notch? Thats why. This is true for both AIM-54A and AIM-54C and the differences between the 2 in terms of tracking are tiny. Whatever seeker advancements were made on the AIM-54C are not represented in DCS. Now whether its the -C thats too bad or the -A thats too good is up to you. There are a few other issues with the -54, like it causing a launch warning at 4-5 miles despite tracking you with its seeker since 10. Or it lofting on jamming targets, which is a two-fold issue since at the same time, the F-14 on one hand ignores DCS jamming effects but on the other hand abuses them to the max with its own jammer. Not all issues are exclusive to the defending target by the way. There are issues between pilot/RIO which make most radar modes practically unusable if the ping difference is in the low 200s. There is also a way too large penalty for flying with jester. He is not capable of turning the MLC filter off, ruining your first pass shots. And he is not capable of using the active switch, which is an insane advantage since the AIM-54 will always find the target if that one is enabled. Im gonna ignore the fact that jester reliably spots all missile launches through solid metal. I hope HB adresses all of them. But my guess is that they've already moved on to the next cash printing project. A magical 2003 plane that time traveled to 2020 and back, stole some meteor missiles and somehow attached them despite not having the software or correct radar (do its pylons even support it) for it. A truly new level of full fidelity modelling and realism. Maybe Deka Ironworks can travel to 2075, take some PL-420 interplanetary missiles and equip them on the DCS J-11A? It would make for the ultimate battle!!!
  6. All 3 of those points are wrong, further solidifying my earlier point of your research quality lacking behind that of the people that you´re criticizing. I will explain. 1. It seems that you have not fully read my post. I will repeat the point: We are a minority opinion because ED has not sold a single russian aircraft except a 1970s soviet scrapcopter in the past years. And the modules we have are not being maintained properly with some textures, HUD filters. etc. being older than a decade. 2. Incorrect, and you would know this if you knew me better. I love PVE and it could infact be better than PVP if a) The AI had modern chinese, indian, russian etc. units available (in some cases, this would mean just changing a few .lua lines) b) The AI used reasonable tactics and strategy. At the moment, they do not react to TWS nails and will die to 60nm missile launches, like from the AIM-54 with a 100% chance. On ACE level. 3. Also incorrect. I have said that i completely disagree with EDs decision to add entirely random chances of missiles missing, without target input or any sort of ECM/CM used. But this is your fault. You and the hoggit community asked to have chaff made useless. A little excourse in the spoiler below.
  7. Did i read that sentence right? PvP people (ralfidude and IASG.. forgot the name) ... ...bullying devs (podcasts, "other sim" players spamming/instigating the hoggit reddit and forums with unscientific "my missile missed" posts) ... ... after being shot down once again (ralfidude&friends crying 24/7 about their missiles in every video and in the game chat, the ones who flew back then remember) ... ... and they want specific missiles fixed (AIM-120 only) instead of waiting for the entire missile API to be done. Blackpixxel & friends prove their claims with real documentation. The conflict is simply between which documents to trust more or whether to ignore documentation because it is "hand drawn" (Chizh, ED team, last year). You should be glad that your modules and missiles are being maintained, updated and have a much larger and vocal crowd in support of them. Without you, ED, HB etc. would be out of business. Us redfor flyers used to have such a large community, but ED has done their best to drive them away from the simulator and by not selling us a single thing (except for a soviet scrapcopter), we are not getting a single wish fulfilled. Dont be grumpy, instead embrace the situation and enjoy your maintained and extremely top-tier aircraft. Based on experience i suggest to not take it for granted.
  8. Thats way too late. When the target has maneuvered sufficiently to where the missile will not kill him, the AI should fire again. Otherwise it is waiting until the target passes a defeated, stalling AIM-7. The AI firing only AIM-9s there is also a big problem. Radar guided missiles in DCS will be effective even at 1 mile, and i would expect an ACE level AI to understand that a heatseeker on an aware target is not an effective, turn signaling shot. Obviously, they can mix missiles together. In general, your AI does not spam missiles sufficiently when getting close to a target, making it very predictable and useless regardless of difficulty.
  9. ACE_AI_AIM-7_tactics.trk Your AI with "ACE" level loaded with 4 sparrows. It fires the first one at the absolute maximum range, and then just flies straight and lets me gun it. Come on guys.
  10. I think he is not surprised in any different way than many others. When i first got into DCS and did not know a terrible lot about the Su-27, i expected to be able to use the weapons and aircraft used in Syria, active missiles, a mix of all kinds of missile seekers and all kinds of guided A/G weapons. Instead, i got surprised by a plane with a bunch of lamps as an RWR and fox1 missiles from 1987. I tried enjoying it but ended up frustrated and quitting shortly after in 2016/17. And back then, the most modern plane blue had was a 2000s eagle without link16. Now, its much worse, on top of things like the R-27 being unupdated (infact: nerfed compared to before). Im 100% certain that if i started playing DCS right now, i would be as confused as the OP in this thread and i would never have spent a single penny (except for the "Su-27" trap purchase). As i happen to know, more than just one of the ex western airforce (including USAF/Navy) pilots who play DCS were extremely negatively surprised by the capabilities of red jets. Imagine being briefed for J-11s with AESA radar, PL-10 and longer range active missiles than you, to then see the 80s and early 90s garbage they're equipped with in DCS. Some get over this disappointment and buy the F-18 or 16, firing amraams at soviet scrapyard models or resorting to the -120 on -120 spamfest on public servers. Others dont, who knows what games they're spending their money on instead. But certainly not DCS.
  11. The time it takes for that TWS2 tracking solution to compute is easily almost 10 seconds. Plus, if there is any jamming on the scope, it throws you out of TWS due to the processor being unable to handle it. Interestingly, this problem is only modelled on our soviet fighters. Couple that with the nonsense range of the 77, and you have a tool thats only useful against bombers. If there is not one jamming person in the whole area. Nevertheless, i believe the real life analogue of our J-11A variant has that feature. And whether it is as useless there as ED made it on the fulcrum, is another question. The deka ironworks forums would be the correct place to ask.
  12. Thats a non-answer, you could say the same about the MiG-21 vs F-18. If there is even a single missile on board said planes in a 1v1 between the two, like an R-73, the Su-27 will win nearly 100% of the time. It gets the first shot off since it gets the nose around much more quickly, and maneuvers much better at slow speeds. In the DCS guns only community, the Su-27 is much more popular than the MiG-29. The 29 rarely makes one of the competitions. This could be because it is too difficult to fly, lacking an FCS (Modernized MiG-29 when?). That said, even the Su-27 performs absolutely horrendously compared to the almightly F-18 overlord, which apparently outsustains F-15, F-16, Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29 and the F-14 easily. Even though in real life, it is considered an angles fighter. Flight models have been reworked all the time in DCS. I would say that most of them perform severely differently from the original while maintaining the general characteristics associated with them, with exception of some extreme outliers (F-18 not being an angles fighter). I would say that older modules from before 2.5 (like the pre-buff A-10) tend to underperform, while new ones generally tend to overperform. I dont know if its something about the way ED develops flight models now, but these old planes did not have questionable characteristics like being able to go mach 1.7+ on the deck without structural damage. PS @bkthunderDid you manage to find some data on Su-27? Could you compare its T/W to that of the "full fi" modules?
  13. There is a difference between "in DLZ" (AIM-7M: 20-30miles) and "cannot kinematically defeat the missile" (AIM-7M: less than 5 miles on the deck) "Basically, we’d enter the fight high, fast, and as head-on to the threat as possible (giving our AIM-7s the longest possible ranges), launch at max optimum range, and immediately crank into hard turns away, right to radar gimbal limits." Source: https://hushkit.net/2019/03/17/f-15-versus-flanker-an-eagle-pilots-view/ By the way, your DCS AI F-15s are firing their sparrows even beyond what any normal person would consider maximum range. And for some reason, they dont follow up with another missile even though their current shot is completely defeated. And then, when getting close, it does not fire multiple missiles+guns, but instead lets the enemy merge and then dies. It would be advisable to reprogram the AI to understand the absolute basics of a semi-active missile fight.
  14. Guys, the flaming cliffs and MiG-21 radars have their tracks broken when said target turns on its jammer above burnthrough range. The F-18 ECM turns on when locked and breaks their tracks, and by doing that, it disables its own radar temporarily. I think it was already embarrassing that FC3 modules had a more in-depth ECM modelling than the F-14. Now, with even full fidelity modules starting to have those interactions modelled, i dont think Heatblur has an excuse to not get moving. At the very least, the AIM-54 should stop lofting on jamming targets. This should be extremely easy to implement, given how fast ED did it.
  15. Most radars do this. Su-27, Su-33, J-11A, MiG-29A, MiG-29S, MiG-29G, F-15C and i believe even the MiG-21, M2000 and F-5 have their tracks broken by ECM. The F-16 has its detection range cut by around 25% by ECM. On all modules, the AIM-120 stops lofting on a target using ECM. By the way, i love the F-14. Out of all the western aircraft, its the one i would actually want to fly. Before i saw the pre-release build, i was going to preorder it. Unfortunately, its still way too incomplete. And this two-fold ECM issue is one of the major things still missing (blinking mechanic abuse with no effect on AWG-9 unlike the F-18s SPJ + AWG-9 being immune to enemy jammers and chaff). Im sure some of you have tried the TWS modes in the Su-27, MiG-29S etc. Have you noticed how it immediately throws you out of the mode if there is any jammer on your scope (not the target, literally anywhere on the scope!)? This is because the old processor on these soviet radars. And those are from the 80s! While the DCS F-14 is from the mid-90s, the AWG-9 technology is even older than that of those old MiGs. Surely, Heatblur can match the fidelity of a Flaming Cliffs 2 module from 10 years ago?
  16. 3 bugs: 1) F-18 JHMCS sees target aspect when jammed, HUD does not. I assume someone forgot to code it in for the JHMCS. 2) F-18 JHMCS shows target range despite far above burnthrough range, if a friendly f18 (also not in burnthrough range) is illuminating it. It seems to start at around 35 miles, while burnthrough is at around 23 miles. This effectively renders ECM useless against the F-18, and infact actually helps it, since the radar will hold lock no matter what when jammed. BUG_F18_Targetaspect+Range_despite_jamming.trk 3) When the F-18 is jammed, it does not loose lock on the current target. A target flashing its ECM (like the DCS F-14 SPJ) will not make it loose track under any conditions. BUG_F18_holds_lock.trk Meanwhile, this is the case for the DCS F-15 or Su-27. When they have a target locked and said target turns on ECM, they loose lock and need to reaquire. Assuming they´re out of ECM burnthrough range. F15_lock_broken.trk Su27_lock_broken.trk
  17. Su-27 will break apart if it goes too fast on the deck. Not sure if thats the same thing. F-16 definitely needs this modelled too, it currently easily maintains 1000kts close to the deck for a long timewhen coming down from altitude.
  18. The MiG-29A is hardly a 4th Gen. And it was built by the soviet union. Its still not clear what MAC is supposed to be. I think they wanted to compete with war thunder, but realized that they didnt have the resources. So its probably gonna be FC4 or just not happening at all. They did say they didnt want to make any more low fidelity modules, which would be detrimental for such a product. 1970s Sukhois and MiGs that havent been updated since 2010 dont sell.
  19. It seems to happen with EWRs. AWACS DL seems fine.
  20. The Su-27 Datalink no longer shows target aspect and speed. In my track there is a bomber coming towards me at 12.000m and mach 1.5. On datalink, it shows as a hovering UFO at 12.000m, that is drifting towards me at a 90 degree angle. SU27_DL_bugged.trk
  21. S-13 double racks cannot be jettisoned. I think also the S-25. How to recreate: Load a multirole loadout with S-13 and S-25. Try to jettison S-13 or S-25, it will drop all the air to air missiles but not those. Its not bugged on Su-27
  22. If i may add to it, against the AIM-120 in DCS, the best option is to take 0 chaff and no ECM pods, since the additional flares and missiles are more useful and since ECM helps the missile Home on Jam. In MP, precise notching by using the extremely (unrealistically) accurate RWRs of certain modules is how -120s and SD-10s are defeated. I believe part of the problem is the short-term doppler filter immunity mentioned above. Do jamming pods and chaff increase the chance of getting hit in real life?
  23. ED and even the most basic wikipedia article about chaff disagree.
  24. Will "JAFF" (Jamming + Chaff) effects on missiles be added? Against AIM-120 and SD-10, Chaff currently has very negligable effects compared to the new random aiming errors, as indicated by your own changelog. Meanwhile, the random aiming errors seem to lead to situations like the video above on nonmaneuvering targets, where the X % chance applies multiple times in a row. Mathematically speaking, it could aswell happen 1.000.000 times in a row. Additionally, i have noticed that there is a period of time during missile flight, where the missile is entirely immune to the doppler filter. We have had an F-15 at exactly 90 degrees and 100 knots turn the ECM off, and the missile will only loose lock after around 2 seconds. But 2 seconds can be a long time in missile flight. Is this observation correct? Is it realistic or some sort of workaround to fix other bugs?
  25. I suggest you direct that to ED in private messages. I agree. I find it weird how the flanker has one of the worst fuel consumptions in burner, meanwhile it gets outpowered by even the F-18. The F-16 and F-14 are also crazy-good at outspeeding the flanker and eagle on the deck.
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