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  1. Hi Foxbat, Thx for your message, please find enclosed some pictures. I am looking for any documents even in Polish language. Cheers / Dziękuję Scrat
  2. Hi, I recently bought a Mig-21 Gunsight and I would like to know if you have some documentation about the electrical wiring connection (manual, pictures etc). My purpose is to have the Gunsight as a decoration object. Thanks for your help. Best regards Scrat
  3. Hi Flappie, Thx for your quick reply. I had an exception for the main DCS file in D Disk not for the DCS Saved Game in my C Disk, which I have just done now (see image below) I rechecked my RAM and no fault detected. For the RAM voltage in the BIOS setting, do you know if it's better to leave in auto or to set something ? like 1.35V ? 99% of the time I play in Mulitplayer Scrat
  4. Hi, I made several tests over the last few weeks. After I renamed "DCS.openbeta" to "DCS.openbeta_backup", I was able to play for few days without any crashes. Today, I don't know why my game crashes all the time, please find enclosed the last two DCS log. I am desperate Scrat dcs2.log dcs1.log
  5. Again and Again.... ! dcs.log
  6. Hi, I tried to rename but no change My game is crashing again. Last time I had a crash, I was on MP sever looking at the F10 MAP. Please find the log attached. Any other tips ? Cheers Scrat dcs.log
  7. Hi maximov, I spend 95% of my time online, so I have to say online I don't understand which folder I have to rename !? Thx for your help Cheers Scrat
  8. Hi Flappie, Yes I have already tried the DCS repair, no change and my RAM is ok according to Windows Memory Diagnostic. Any other advice ? Thanks for your help. Scrat
  9. Hi, You mean the FXO and the metashaders2 ? Yes I have already deleted the content. I don't have the MB-339 file. I have just experienced a new crash ! Below is the log. Thanks for your help Scrat dcs.log
  10. Hi, I am experiencing a lot of game crashes, this is the log below, anyone can help me ? Thx Scrat dcs.log
  11. Same for me. It's right in the center No VR
  12. Hi Flappie, I think I have found the issue. In my BIOS the System Memory Multiplier was set on Auto (RAM was at 2133Mhz) with XMP profile off. I changed the System Memory Mulitplier to DDR4-4000Mhz and the XMP profil to ON (see attached picture) and I gain 15-20 FPS in Mulitiplayer session Now let's see if it crashes again with the XMP to ON. THX I will let you know. Scrat
  13. Hi, I tried to force the pagefile size on the drive where windows is installed (see picture attached) and there is no difference
  14. Just to make sure, do I have to do that on the one where Windows is installed or where DCS is intalled ? Cheers Scrat
  15. Hi Flappie, Thanks for your 2 messages but there is no difference Any other advice ? If I take 4x 32Gb 4000Mhz instead of 4x8Gb 4000Mhz do you think I will see a difference ? Cheers Scrat
  16. Hi Flappie, "Do you guys have the same amount of memory?" Yes we have the same amount of memory (4 x 8Gb) 4000Mhz DDR4 If I take 4x 32Gb 4000Mhz do you think I will see a difference ? "Is your pagefile stored on a fast drive" See attached picture. Windows is intalled on the SSD DCS OB is intalled on the NVMe M2SSD "Do you have the same graphic card?" My graphic card is a RTX 3090 FTW3 evga Geforce ultra gaming And my friend's graphic card is RTX 3080 Geforce Gigabyte And we have the same CPU i9-10900K "Are your DCS and graphics settings identicial?" Yes we have exactly the same settings in DCS. "You can both look into Windows Resource utility while in an online session in order to find out what is costing you FPS. I'm thinking about access timings, for instance." See attached picture Thanks for your help ! Scrat
  17. Hi Flappie and Maximov, After a few weeks of tests, I confirm that my crashing problem was due to the XMP profile. Since I de-activated it, I have had no further crashes. Thanks a lot for your help!! I do have another question, my friend and I have compared the FPS offline and in multi-player. That's weird, because for the same conditions offline (same mission, same plane etc), I have between 15 to 20 FPS more than him, and when we play online (on BuddySpike), I have about 15 to 20 FPS less than him under the exact same conditions. Any idea why? It's quite annoying. Thanks guys & happy New Year Scrat
  18. Hi Flappie, After having disabled the XMP Profile in my bios and a few weeks of tests, it seems to be slightly better, I am having less crashes. However, when I fly the Gazelle I still experience a lot of game crashes and time out warnings. Attached is the DCS log of my last game crash (time out warning) playing multi-players with the Gazelle. If you have any other inputs, please feel free to share them! Thanks for your help Scrat dcs.log
  19. After the last update, the issue is still there
  20. Hi Flappie, Thx for your quick reply, I disabled the XMP profile in my BIOS. I have no shader mod or app installed. I will let you know ! Cheers Scrat
  21. Hi Flappie, I did this but my game is still crashing Last log dcs.log
  22. Hi, Even with the last update, the issue is still there Anyone having the same issue ? Cheers Scrat
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