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  1. We are still looking for F-5E / F-4E pilots, as well as F-14 pilots and RIOs to expand our cold war squadron.
  2. Same amount? Syria was 34.99, this is 20$ more!
  3. Bit frustrated to read that pilots not only got oxy on/off but now also toggle, while RIOs still can't bind that function at all!
  4. Interessant, ich flieg sie seit dem Launch im September und hatte es nie. Aber der linke Motor raucht zuverlässig bei jedem warm-up.
  5. Der Motor sollte aber nicht verrecken, er raucht einfach, völlig ohne Grund, die Temperaturen sind meist OK. Also ich kann die Mossie fliegen ohne Probleme, nur der linke Motor raucht nach dem warm-up, aber das hört in der Luft dann wieder auf nach einer Weile.
  6. I assume you guys are US based and fly evening times EST/CST/PST or such? Would be useful to make that clear in the title and text
  7. I agree. I bought it because currently in Normandy, the textures are really bad, and Channel does look awesome, ngl. But having to see how the already bigger Normandy map is getting updated and EVEN bigger, while in Channel we got those ugly blue-blackish borders all around and you can't fly around Biggin Hill without being punched into the face with that border.. is just sad.
  8. On maximum continuous thrust (2650rpm, +7 boost), I use aileron trim to the first notch, and about 1/3 notch rudder trim to keep it straight and level. In higher power settings (I only fly low level, almost never climb above 5000ft, so my climbs are short), I just correct with stick and pedals.
  9. I flew the F/A-18 and the F-16 in DCS, and the HOTAS logics as well as MFD logics of the F-16 are so much easier to learn than the F/A-18, and thus also easier to keep if you're not flying very often. I can do breaks of 2-3months in the F-16, it takes me two evenings to be right back in there with the muscle memory on all systems as well as flying the aircraft on refuelling, overhead break recoveries etc.
  10. Currently recruiting: F/A-18C F-16CM A-10C-II AV-8B AH-64D SA342L F-14A Pilots and RIOs (cold war setting) F-5E, later F-4E (cold war setting)
  11. Ich wünsche Euch viel Erfolg dabei, da habt ihr noch sehr viel Arbeit vor euch. Meine persönliche Empfehlung: Überlegt euch gleich ganz am Anfang, wo ihr euch im Realismus-Spektrum definieren wollt. Wollt ihr rein casual fliegen ohne realistischen Funk? Wollt ihr soviele realistische Verfahren wie möglich umsetzen? Wenn ja nach welchem Vorbild? Falls etwas dazwischen: Wie soll das genau aussehen, wo setzt ihr eure Grenzen nach oben und unten? Das ist meiner Erfahrung nach sehr wichtig um sich gegenüber anderen Gruppen abzugrenzen und interessierten Piloten klar darzulegen, wo man hin möchte und was man vermeiden will.
  12. 11TSG is a European group operating in a "semi-realism" context. We have our procedures, tactics and radio comms, but we don't operate excessive procedures that don't serve a purpose in simulation. Our training and mission times are 1930Z in summer time, so 20:30 BST or 21:30 CEST. We now founded 9 SQN, a Squadron aiming to operate in the late 70 / early 80 Cold War era, looking to recruit interested pilots and RIOs in the F-14 Tomcat and F-5E Tiger II (will later be replaced by the F-4E Phantom). We offer tuition from the basic level for beginner pilots to an advanced level in these airframes, for pilots as well as RIOs. Interested? Read more and apply on our website https://11tsg.eu/recruitment/ or join our Recruitment Discord and get in contact with us! https://discord.gg/5ujFG2gYHp 11TSG 9SQN XO - Wolfhound
  13. Ok I'm positive that the nVidia driver update solved it, even with mods now working. Thanks for your help!
  14. Hey and thx for the quick response. I don't run DCS as admin, and renaming the savedgames folder lead to DCS not running (only one instance allowed - but DCS is not currently running) Edit: Updated nVidia drivers and testing some more now Edit2: I can now open some missions that didn't work before, testing more..
  15. When trying to load almost all missions I did in the past, the ME leads to a CTD. I was only successful to load a single mission in Caucasus. I thought the issue was loading the map, as it crashed before showing the map textures, but I could create a new mission on Syria, and afterwards load an existing one lead to another crash. I also removed all mods before trying again and now uploading the logs. dcs.log dcs.20220313-140901.crash dcs.20180729-122019.dmp
  16. Yup have the Tacview as well Tacview-20220228-232416-DCS-11TSG-PG-Fightertraining.zip.acmi
  17. When cranking hard (feels like bank angle + ATA > 50), lock or track gets lost regularily. Possibly happened on the second Phoenix launch, STT lock was lost, but the missile looks like it still tracked of some sort (overlofted massively though). Very hard to really confirm from a user perspective, but no other explanation of a lost lock over the sea with MLC out. Trackfile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1exQKBI1dAMI5QmkSXr2pu5ACqcGoe1hZ/view?usp=sharing
  18. I didn't fly the Mosquito for a while, being annoyed by getting a smoking left engine every single time for no reason at all. Now we received a few updates recently, I'm really surprised that this bug still isn't fixed. Is there any update on it? Other than that, I almost feel she's finished, performing well and fun to fly.
  19. Any chance for this to read the data that is currently set on the F-16? For example, I use DICE to set CMS, and the default radio presets are mostly OK, I just want to change a small thing.. how do I do this? Further, I expect that radio presets are overwritten by the mission settings? Other than that, I'll use it for the MFDs which was annoying af so good job.
  20. People, do you realize we are talking about Pulse-Doppler radar? Ground clutter is no effect because the aircraft (as long as it's not notching) has a clearly distinct closure gate compared to ground. The only place where we should get a ground penalty is pulse, and there only if an aircraft is close to the ground. And not just "5° nose down = penalty. That's not how radar works. The FCR nerf really made the BVR king the BVR loser now, and there is public data stating differently. I was at angels 40, locking a hot target at Angels 38, so no ground clutter even close, didn't work until 35nm.. how am I supposed to launch an AMRAAM at 45nm?
  21. Considering that there were numerous accounts of runway excursions on take-offs, I do feel like this probably isn't realistic. Also, leading with the left engine even slightly doesn't help, quite the contrary.
  22. Also to simulate engine failures to train single engine handling and landings.
  23. Thanks, I always forget how great VA is, I mostly use it to get buttons to work that I can't reach well with my mouse in VR, especially in helos. If any others have the issue that the flaps don't work, I had to use 0.5s for the flap lock, otherwise the flap down didn't register.
  24. I use the friction slider on the Warthog for prop pitch, with buttons that modify which prop I'm changing (or both). Before I feather, I go into low RPM on the affected engine, then switch to the working engine, so nothing should change the prop pitch.
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