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  1. Sigh......another Super Carrier Squadron........
  2. It's not a "Problem" they decided thats how they should work. In the real plane they aren't super bright but, you can cup your hand over them to see them in the real plane. Here it's about accuracy of the bulb output over usability.
  3. The Tomcat's a Biggie Piggy You got to unload a lot to notice weight changes.
  4. You're a frigging super hero!!! Thanks!
  5. They should retract as that's rather important during a bolter.
  6. The disclaimer primarily means the manufacturer like Grumman, didn't pay, sponsor, or request DCS make anything or consult or stipulate how they made it. And It's neither an endorsement of DCS by Grumman, nor an endorsement of Grumman by DCS/ED.
  7. The Stab force doesn't need to be "Sufficient" at just under 1.88M. But the directional divergence won't break the plane below 1.88M.
  8. The engine centerlines are close to 3 METERS apart. meaning 1.5 Meters from CL and they each make at speed around 124.5 kN of force. The vertical stabs would have to be something like 3 times as large to maintain directional stability with a torque moment like that. Even with control input on the rudder it's a significant rotation when theres 124.5 kN on one side of the CG and basically 0 minus the drag of air blowing through the dead engine's fan bypass on the other side. You don't build a fighter to have single engine directional stability at speeds it can't reach with one engine.
  9. I recall that the SC spawn will sometimes Instantly Over G the plane for a split second causing the INS to flag G-load damage. Never touch the thing myself. Forestall for Life!
  10. The Tomcat does it too. At night you either can see in the cockpit and the Screens are too dark to read on the export, or you take the red filter off and can see the exports fine, but in the cockpit it's like looking into a green and angry sun.
  11. And really, as soon as the changes get made, ED will change some factor of the Simulated Physics Environment and it starts all over again.
  12. Have you considered putting them on Cgtrader.com for money at least?
  13. I can't see anything useful in those twitch videos. just low rez fuzz. But TWS isn't a lock. If you have a contact on the fishbowl your RIO needs to use the DDD to do a real Big Boy radar lock. The AWG9 isn't a point and click solution. You'll need to post a better video that focuses on the TID or better one from the back seat. And at much better resolution.
  14. Isn't, just looks that way. Feels great when using it.
  15. If you're on Ground power, you're mostly doing things that you would rather have the systems stay isolated for. Like running one engine, while changing the hydraulic fluid on the other side etc...Since you're supposed to pull Ground power once your Right engine stabilizes (because Ground power is right up next to the left intake and so you wouldn't want to unplug it after starting L), it's no big deal in normal operations since you check the Hydraulic Transfer pump between starting R and Starting L.
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