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  1. Last two updates have killed the engine vibrations in the Mig-21 in my Jetseat. Has the export changed for this aircraft? Other aircraft are not affected and all other vibrations work in my Mig-21 profile.
  2. All due respects Dan, but you are wrong about the flag working correctly. In either Stable or Open Beta (clean install or modified beacons do not matter): Fly L-39 and tune to a RSBN channel. Both green lights are on, you are receiving localizer and glideslope information. - In Navigation mode, RMI is receiving localizer data only; "k" flag should be off. - In Penetration mode, you are still receiving that data and "K" flag is still on. Both instances are bugs as "K" flag should be off and not on. In PRMG/Landing mode, "K" flag is working correctly; Flag is off. If you have the Mig-21, you can see how this should properly work. Just repeat above step by tuning to a RSBN channel. ---- You were quite correct that I should have used better wording. Thank you for that. ---- Please note: I have a L-39 simpit. Radio Navigation in the L-39 or Mig-21 is the only reason I fly in DCS and I use it on every single flight. I may be the only person in the world that does this, so I notice things. :) Not surprised by all of this as it is just more of the same old, same old. People go out of their way to prevent bug fixes instead of helping to get them fixed. I rest my case.
  3. I don't watch video's. When I get more time, I will look into this more. Thanks very much for the feedback.
  4. Latest version of Open Beta L-39 has the following repeatable bug: "K" flag should be turning off whenever the RMI receives a localizer signal. It stays turned on during both Navigation mode (when receiving a signal) and Glidepath/Pentration mode. The SDU follows this also (though I do not use it). To repeat the bug, just fly the $#@ plane. ;) Please fix this.
  5. I've had both setups and they can be similar in performance. I just use one 4k HDTV and a 1080 monitor for my gauges now. Three landscaped monitors is not a good setup, as you found with the distortion. I ran a PLP monitor setup for my Ka-50 pit. Actually ran pretty good, but I'll never do more than a single DCS display again (plus a gauge monitor).
  6. You can do this in DCS or TIR software. Not in this forum. In DCS, click escape, adjust controls/axis commands and look at it. The answer is there. Just edit the curves.
  7. Clear all the mapping to the control.
  8. You can write it from scratch, like the pit builder pioneer's, or you can just plug and play with Arduinos and DCS_BIOS. Like Hans said, Helios work's too. If you are using a glass cockpit, you don't need any hardware, just Helios or Ikarus.
  9. My theory: Spawning above ground is caused by QFE setting. Experiment with it when building a mission and you will see how it happens. Do not hold your breath for a fix.
  10. For the record, depending on your hardware, Windows limit does not matter. HID controllers can have 128 buttons in DCS. I've seen them all in Helios also in the past. I've owned Epic cards for twenty five years. No, you don't want to pay for one.
  11. Didn't take long... In your export script.. ...\DCS.openbeta\Scripts\DCS-ExportScript\ExportsModules\Mig-21Bis.lua You have commented out the line for RPM1 DCS_ID 50. Un-commenting it out allows both needles to work, but they then become inaccurate. Commenting it out again makes RPM needle 2 accurate again. Any chance you can learn more by looking at your data? Thanks very much. Hope it helps.
  12. Thanks H-J-P, I'll see if I can learn anything about it. I know there are several other issue's with the exports of the M-21.
  13. My first thought is "so what" :) Try seeing if that view is not enabled in preferences. If you have TRackIR make sure it is not blocking the keypress.
  14. I've seen pneumatic function loss with a full tank of air. Is it tied to running engine below a minimum RPM? I was experimenting with going below 80% when it happened.
  15. I forgot to add.. you must make sure the KPP gyro is in sync. Push the button for it on front panel.
  16. I will probably start making a simpit for this great module... The Mig-21bis Ikarus file has only two bug's I can see for now. RPM needle 1 as noted above, And... "Mig21_ALT30", "DCS_ID" "655" baro pressure. Set's at the mission start, then does not operate after that. I think it may be set incorrect on the scale also, though the gauge altitude is correct. Thanks for everything.
  17. Starting a mission in flight set's this function to on. Start from the ramp does not turn this function one (Mental note made). Seemingly, if landing gear are extended, low altitude lamp is disabled. I think this might be a bug as that lamp is quite helpful on an instrument approach. You set your decision height with it. Auto recovery mode is disabled when gear is down, but I don't think that should disable that lamp. If that is the way it is in real life... never mind.
  18. Sorry for mix up's. If you are are departing from Lochini airfield (using user manual switch panels locations): 1. Set RH37 to "3-I" 2. On RH8, push channel 5 button. On RH8, push "Switch Channel" button. If you look at the left hand side of canopy rail, it will show you the map grid of the radio you are tuned to. "3-I-5" is the first NDB NW of Lochini. 3. Make sure the RSBN/ARC switch is down (default) position. Fly. Go up. Radio will start playing a morse code and KPP needle will point to station. To stop the Morse code, switch the RH10 switch to radio to stop it. Read the manual to learn more.
  19. As a Pit-Builder I try to avoid this sort of thing, but I have fallen hard for the Mig-21 module after the latest update. I am getting a solid 60 fps in flight in the AO server and that is in 4k. The latest optimizations you made helped me a lot. It is very satisfying to be able to land PRMG and do it as well or even better then I could in the L-39. It took practice! The Mig-21bis is just a great module. I will probably start making cockpit parts for it and I'll need some issue's fix with data export. I will join the other bug-reporting forum when I do that. Thanks and Good Day,
  20. Here is a working line of code to allow mapping a button to this switch. It would be added to the ...\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Input\MiG-21\joystick\default.lua. I hope it is included in the next release as it is a pretty important function and I detest clicking on switches. Apologies, but I do not want to join another website to report bugs.
  21. My mistake. DCS cockpit lamp works correctly. I had an oddity in my cockpit that is now also working correctly.
  22. I think it is a dummy switch. It is not mentioned in the manual at all, which is not a good sign. In DCS_BIOS, it makes a marker LED turn on in my pit, but I think that is not a DCS issue.
  23. Yes. ARC works. Set proper zone, push channel button, then switch channel button, fly high, make sure RSBN/ARC switch is down in the ARC position. The RSBN/ARC switch has no binding but I created one so it can be programmed. The beacons are limited by line of sight (LOS). I am still learning how the near/far switch works. If i can fix it I will. Love the avatar. First flight sim I ever flew.
  24. Just fly them... you'll see. Positions are all off, angles are a bit off. Very steep glideslopes at some field's. I actually have them all (except the the Lochini field's) working correctly by tweaking number's. I won't post it publicly, but I can now do no-peak PRMG approaches to a decision height of 100m (even less) without problem's. You wont like the math number's but I repeat I can now use them properly and that is good enough for me. RSBN glidepath mode to 1500-2000m, PRMG mode at <25 km. You must be in the proper area for PRMG to work (not a bug). Please note: this is all I do in DCS. Former pilot (PPL) and I know how to land.
  25. I have not seen the Dangerous Altitude lamp work since the latest OB 2/20/20 update. Anyone else, or is it me?
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