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  1. Crazy, I updated everything and deleted the debug hmd file from my config, but still the same... had to go back in and swap again to make it all look right.
  2. Agree, once it’s dialed in… pretty awesome, even watching YouTube or movies is great. I would say have 2 base tracker stations though… only have one and definitely need 2 for accurate tracking.
  3. We’ll, after a little work… I’ve smoothed out the headset. I had to re-install steam VR and reset the Aero. Running around 50fps consistently now, although still seeing jitter looking left and right, but looking forward is smooth. Currently, I’m still playing with all setting to figure out if butter smooth is even possible, or might need to wait for software updates. One thing for sure, everything is readable… mfds, cdu, looking distance, etc. Can’t beat how clear this thing is… basically a 4k monitor.
  4. What are your Nvidia settings? I'm getting a clear pic... but this thing is not smooth. Distortion is pretty bad as well and this headset might be going back. Using a 3090 as well...
  5. Lowered price… $895 I’ll also throw in a set of A-10 cockpit plans
  6. Hey all, I have a 3 month old 3070 8GB gaming OC rev 2.0 from my new NZXT build for sale. The card has not been overclocked. Asking $895 and I can ship Wednesday Nov 10th... There is no box since it came with a build.... Thanks, Flim
  7. I notice I can't grab the controls and action a button while using the vr flight controls... is there a dual action setup for this?
  8. Hi

    I am Max "Lento" from VIAF italy. I am interested for the cockpit plans only the front console

    Is possible.?

    what will be the price i have to pay?

    Thanks for the reponse



  9. I have a new quick setup for VR mainly... F-16 VR with control mounts. This design can be cutout by hand and I will supply a full 3D model that can be viewed and modded on an IPad (Shapr3D) software/App. I’m looking at charging $30 for the 3D model and will include .dxf files if you want to CNC. Designed for 1/2 inch material or close to that... again, design can be modded based on your skills. I should have it ready in a few days if anyone is interested. Thanks, Flim
  10. I do sell seat only plans for $28.....
  11. Sorry, just saw this... I'm still working on the 16 and 18, but the A-10 seat plans work great for Vr. That's mainly how I used the seat.
  12. I updated the top post with email/contact info.... My plan is to release the F-16 Aces 2 Vr setup (pic in first post) and later the F-18 vr. These are not full pits...but plans will include the Seat, Rudder floor, and stick/throttle mounts. The expectation is not a 100% accurate replica, but will be a lot cooler than sitting in a computer chair.
  13. LOL, not much going on right now...Everyone is on a mandatory vacation!! lol
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