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  1. Hi guys, I downloaded a skin for my F5, but realised that it's meant to be used on the F5E and not the F5E-3. So the question is, how can I use that skin on the F5E-3? This is the contents of the description.lua file livery = { {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_100", 0 ,"f-5e_nose",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_100", DECAL ,"empty",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_10", 0 ,"f-5e_nose",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_10", DECAL ,"empty",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_10A", 0 ,"f-5e_nose",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_10A", DECAL ,"f-5e_number",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_1", 0 ,"f-5e_nose",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_1", DECAL ,"empty",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_1A", 0 ,"f-5e_nose",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_nose_1A", DECAL ,"f-5e_number",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_100", 0 ,"f-5e_rude",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_100", DECAL ,"empty",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_10", 0 ,"f-5e_rude",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_10", DECAL ,"empty",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_10A", 0 ,"f-5e_rude",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_10A", DECAL ,"empty",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_1", 0 ,"f-5e_rude",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_1", DECAL ,"empty",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_1A", 0 ,"f-5e_rude",false}; {"F-5E_bort_number_rude_1A", DECAL ,"empty",false}; {"PTB_150", 0, "ptb_150_diffuse", false}; {"Material #0", 0, "ptb_275_diffuse", false}; {"F-5E_nose", 0 ,"f-5e_nose",false}; {"F-5E_cockpit", 0 ,"F-5e_cockpit",true}; {"F-5E_tail", 0 ,"f-5e_tail",false}; {"F-5E_rude", 0 ,"f-5e_rude",false}; {"F-5E_wing", 0 ,"f-5e_wing",false}; {"pilot_F5_E", 0 ,"pilot_VEN_F-5e", false}; {"pilot_F5E_helmet", 0 ,"pilot_F-5e_helmet", true}; {"pilot_F15_patch", 0, "pilot_VEN_patch", false}; {"F5A_WingTipAuxTankL", 2 ,"empty", false}; {"F5A_WingTipAuxTankR", 2 ,"empty", false}; {"F5A_WingTipAuxTankL", 0 ,"F5A_WingTipAuxTankL", false}; {"F5A_WingTipAuxTankR", 0 ,"F5A_WingTipAuxTankR", false}; {"F5A_WingTipAuxTank_GLASS", 0 ,"F5A_WingTipAuxTank_GLASS", false}; } name = "GAC-12 Avispones/Batalla" countries = {"VEN"} -- Skin by xCorvinuSx Dic/2018 Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Nice one Gruman, I'll keep an eye on this. I haven't used mods yet but I can imagine there is a lot of limitations about them, particularly for multiplayer. Nonetheless, it is a first step to a dream!
  3. I see your point guys. It's a shame nonetheless that this beautiful plane wouldn't be a good fit within the DCS world. Hopefully in the near future, DCS will open it's doors to higher GEN airplanes once public knowledge on the technologies used by them has increased. Granted, I would guess (probably wrongly) that france will allow some export versions of the Rafale without most of the classified/highly advanced avionics and systems, especially to those countries with more unstable political backgrounds. Hopefully this will make it easier to replicate the rafale in the near future into DCS.
  4. As a fan of delta wing fighters I have to say the having the Mirage 2000 in the game is great, even though I don't own that module yet, and definitely aiming for it to be my next purchase. Also, considering how many newer plane modules are being developed, I think the lack of a Dassault Rafale in this game is quite noticeable and would be amazing to have the Rafale as a full stand-alone module in DCS.
  5. I would definitely love to see the A-6 Intruder in the DCS World! Can't wait for someone to develop this plane. And after seeing the amazing work done with the F-14 I would love for Heatblur to be the one to bring it into the game!
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