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  1. Because its not realistic, there are not such kind of squadrons and aircraft carrier in real world. Besides of that,the previous campaign was great.
  2. i hope it will be with real squadrons this time? cos fictional squadrons in previous campaing was not good idea...
  3. Pete_auau yes, exactly. And the mission seems to be different too.
  4. one side question - after releasing of ACLS and Link4, how can i activate DATALINK for picture on SA page now? It was 127.000 freq before, now there are only the freq of link4 for ACLS (336.0) ?
  5. DanDegen, is this features from official DCS list?
  6. hi, mission 13 was nighttime, its a day now after update?
  7. Hornet is flying property, and the flight model is OK. You're just a poor pilot.
  8. Well, after 6 missions my thoughts are: Pros: - Very interesting storlyline, awesome missions, a lot of voiceovers; - Most realistic comms that I ever seen. Cons: - Lack of carrier ops (no SC module included in the campaing). Dont get me wrong, operating in TuAF Incirlik AB is pretty cool too, but Hornet is not F-16 or F-15, its a damn NAVY fighter...When you cut off carrier ops you cut off one of main Hornet`s cababilities - to operate on a boat. - No AAR. I think it would be way more realistic, difficult and fun to include some AAR. In other paid campaings there are an AAR in alsmost every mission (and even a lot of missions with two AAR, night AAR, etc...). Anyways, campaign is great, im just waiting for another one. Thank you.
  9. im in mission 5 now, and stil there are not even one AAR???
  10. One side question - do in real world hornet pilots use ACLS? I`ve heard that they re using manual landing, and ACLS only in emergency situations. Is that correct?
  11. its completed, stop asking same questions pls. Its best module. ok?
  12. Badger633, thank you. No, other missions are working perfectly - no problem there, only in mission 13 with second AAR. I hope this mission will be fixed soon.. You have made a great campaign btw, well done, great job. (sorry for my font-something messed up with my keyboard).
  13. Mission 13 problem here, with second AAR. My stupid wingman always hits me and after that we both crashed, mission failed. Tried it thounsand of times... he must get port (left) side as usual, but he wants go get the right side and hits me. And one more thing - tanker dont lets me to refuel, i `ve done evertything correct, but the basket is never hanged up into my refueling pipe..may be its something of bug i dont know.
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