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  1. usually caused by lowering the gear at higher speed than allowed, check the yellow index on the airspeed indicator
  2. I started with the Original Flanker, 1.5, LockOn, etc. and have stayed with it ever since. I have flown many sims over the years, but in terms of longevity DCS is king, Flanker 1.0 was years before Falcon 4.0 or any of it's mods, spinoffs or adaptaions.
  3. I had the same issue with the default bindings, it turns out that TMS Fwd was not mapped on my warthog. I set the binding manually and it's been good since.
  4. It's not just him, my P-47 bindings were wiped as well. I haven't flown all the modules yet but I'd guess others have been reset as well.
  5. The Iranian version has a nice target at center mass :-)
  6. The survey basically asks you to rank implementation of already promised features and a few extras, mainly weapons and EW. Seems like they're looking for a way to cut features by saying the survey said it wasn't important even if it was previously listed.
  7. Why are we comparing an aircraft we have now versus one that is probably a year or more away from EA? It's like asking when the lockdowns will it have been worth it.
  8. I've been flying this a bit since 2.5.6 and I noticed that my log book total hours were way higher than expected since I reinstalled a few months back. I've flown the Mirage probably about 40-50 minutes since I reinstalled and the log book indicates 48+ hours. I looked at other DCS modules and their values are were I would expect. Look I'm all for rounding up, but this seems a bit excessive. B
  9. The A2’s initially came with the swim barriers. I was in the 3ID and in 93 or 94 we were told to remove the barriers since the A2 was to heavy to swim due to the upgraded armor as opposed to the A0 or A1. The_GhostRider Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. One line at a time (sorry couldn't resist):)
  11. Not everyone can afford an SSD just for DCS. Other sims run fine on regular drives so why is DCS special? If anything it hasn't/won't be optimized but that is no reason for the consumer to incur additional costs.
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