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  1. I've been enjoying the Vive Pro 2, decent FOV, although still a far cry from PIMAX, but I can read everything in the cockpit, and run it on a 3070, so I'm happy.
  2. I'm in the same boat. Want to buy as well, but site is down.
  3. Never had a crash from desktop, and I don't think DCS has ever crashed. (Xplane 11 is the biggest culprit).
  4. Whatever the GTX 1080 version was with 16GB ram and top i7 at the time. He runs the Oculus Rift S, which...again, was the best at that time. Main issues are it crashes in VR frequently, and non-upgradable. You get a desktop, you can upgrade the GPU, swap mobo and get a new CPU, etc. That said, it does work.
  5. I can answer this, as my dad did this for VR flight sims, with an Alienware R5 17in... answer is...kinda yes? He can run DCS / X-plane 11, and even in VR. BUT, we've had issues, this thing runs loud and hot, has frequent crashes, and can't be upgraded, and has a high up front cost.
  6. Going to add this: 1: VR is amazing, but be prepared for loss of visual quality compared to flat screen. (Tradeoff 100% worth it, I only fly in VR now) 2: Be prepared for VR sickness your first few flights. Do *not* try to work through it. As soon as you start to feel any queasiness, take a break. Pushing through it will make it far worse, and take longer to get your "VR Legs" so to speak. I found I was fine for normal flying right off the bat, but took me a few flights to be ready to dogfight. 3: be prepared to tweak settings a fair bit to find your personal sweatspot for graphics and framerate.
  7. Just saw that DCS World got Steam Deck Verified as playable! I dunno how they managed it, but dcs can now be played on a handheld portable PC! And with hot-swapable Micro SD cards, that means I can out all of DCS on a dedicated SD Card to play without using any of the internal storage. Haha Can't wait to try this out.
  8. Finally updated to the newer version of the upscaler, and love the added keybinds to tweak settings. Also, getting solid performance and details from it when dialed in.
  9. As a busy dad with 1.5 hours flight time a week, I need these in my life. Thank you!
  10. I go with the disagreements being a good sign actually, as everyone's memory is a little different, slight variations in Aircraft, all have impacts on how this one 'feels' compared to the one they flew. End of the day, I doubt many aircraft even with identical configurations fly exactly the same, close enough you can hop in and fly it sure, but not exact.
  11. This is AMAZING... Family friend flew these in Nam, can't *wait* to have him try this in VR.
  12. ok, so been watching some you tube clips, played around with this a bit before, but since my play time is quite limited (I get one evening a week to fly)...a couple questions. 1: tasking related...given limited flight time, what happens to all the AI tasks if I finish mine and land before they RTB? What if the units have completed their mission (strike, etc) and are still mid air when I end mission? Are they just teleported back to base? Or do they start mid-air next mission? 2: Any suggestions for a first time user, with limited flight time? thanks!
  13. But, better to buy direct from ED, as then they receive all funds. Steam takes a cut off the profits. (I started out on steam, bought the F-18 there...then as I descended the rabbit hole of A10, F16, Maps...went standalone and bought from ED directly)
  14. whow, now that is a detailed post! Thank you so much! And now I really want my CH Fighterstick to have a push button on the castle hat...lol
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